Hefty® EnergyBag® Program

PLEASE NOTE: Over the next several months, ​Republic Services will be placing an informational decal on every residential customer's blue recycling cart. The decal details information on which materials are ​and are not accepted in the recycling program. ​The information does not apply to materials placed inside Hefty EnergyBags as these bags are separated at the recycling facility. Customers who choose to participate in the Hefty EnergyBag Program are encouraged to continue placing their full, tightly tied EnergyBags inside their blue recycling cart for collection.

The Hefty® EnergyBag® program provides participating residents a new way to collect plastics that are not accepted as loose items in the blue recycle cart – like plastic bags, plastic films and dairy tubs – and converts them into a valuable energy resource rather than sending them to the landfill. Remember no metal, paper, batteries, small electronics or #1 plastics are accepted in the EnergyBag.

To participate in the Hefty EnergyBag program, please purchase the Hefty EnergyBags at any Albertsons, Boise Co-op, Fred Meyer or Target location in the Boise area. Please visit the Hefty EnergyBag website for a full list of local retailers. When you fill your EnergyBags, please tie them tightly closed, and place them inside your blue recycling cart.

Materials collected in the Hefty® EnergyBag™ orange bags will be sent to facilities to convert these hard to recycle plastics into a valuable energy resource.

Program Updates

To date, the Boise area has collected over 1,000 tons of full Hefty EnergyBags.

A comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis was performed to better understand the environmental favorability of using the collected EnergyBag materials in a variety of ways compared to sending the same material to the landfill. From this analysis, we learned that utilizing the EnergyBag materials as an energy source that replaces coal at cement manufacturing facilities has a significant environmental benefit over the other options explored. With this knowledge, the EnergyBag partners determined the EnergyBags will continue to be used as a coal offset at cement manufacturing facilities and will be used to test recycling and energy recovery technologies as they emerge.

As the Hefty EnergyBag program continues to evolve in the City of Boise, the EnergyBag partners will seek to support emerging technologies that keep plastics out of the landfill.

Plastics Sorting | Video & Guides

We understand that sorting your plastics can be confusing. Below, you'll find a video guiding you through how to sort your plastics, as well as downloadable guides to keep at home and our Digital Collection Guide.


Home Reference Guide

This is a basic guide is designed for residents who prefer to quickly check where items go and will show you where to put common paper, plastic, metal and other items.



Detailed Plastics Guide

This is a more advanced guide designed for residents who prefer to go in depth with different plastic types and put more plastic items into the recycle cart and Hefty® EnergyBag® orange bag.



Need More Bags?

Bags are now available for sale at all Albertsons, Target and Boise Co-op locations for purchase.

Learn More About Hefty® EnergyBag® Program

Boise is one of a handful of communities across the U.S. participating in this recovery program. Although more than 98 percent of households participate in the curbside recycling program, many plastics would have otherwise been thrown in the trash cart.

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