Trash Compactor

Commercial Customers

Account Set Up and Reinstatement

Both are not subject to franchise fees.

New Account Initiation: $13.30
Reinstatement: $24.37

Turnaround Fee

The turnaround charge for non-break off compactors: $34.29


A deposit may be collected equal to three (3) months solid waste collection and disposal services, rounded to the nearest dollar.

Overweight Charge

Any fine or penalty issued to Republic Services for hauling overweight compactor or roll off container will be assessed to the responsible customer on their next solid waste utility bill. Additional landfill fees or administrative changes may also apply.


3 yard$214.11$423.36$632.61$841.88$1,051.15$1,260.41$52.02
4 yard$266.59$528.54$790.50$1,052.46$1,314.42$1,576.35$64.69
6 yard$381.54$758.45$1,135.32$1,512.20$1,889.11$2,265.98$91.75
8 yard$510.47$1,020.92$1,531.39$2,041.81$2,552.28$3,062.71$115.55
Larger SizePer Haul
13 yard------------$383.97
15 yard------------


16 yard------------$429.38
17 yard------------$444.51
20 yard------------$489.84
22 yard------------$520.09
25 yard------------$565.44
30 yard------------$641.08
34 yard------------$701.56
35 yard------------$716.67
40 yard------------$792.28

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