Regular Service


A deposit may be collected equal to three (3) months solid waste collection and disposal services, rounded to the nearest dollar.

Hardship Discount

Boise City offers a hardship discount rate to qualified residents. For more information or to see if you qualify, please call Boise City Utility Billing Services at (208) 608-7460.

Account Set Up and Reinstatement

Both are not subject to franchise fees.

New account initiation: $13.30
Reinstatement: $24.37

Regular Service**

Service Name

Fee Per Month
95 Gallon Trash, Recycling, and Compost (Standard)$21.77
95 Gallon Trash / Recycling or Trash / Compost (Standard)$27.63
95 Gallon Trash Only$33.49
65 or 48 Gallon Trash, Recycling and Compost (Small)$20.48
65 or 48 Gallon Trash / Recycling or Trash / Compost (Small)$26.34
65 or 48 Gallon Trash Only$32.20

** Monthly trash Fees are based on a 30.4167 day billing cycle. Your bill may vary depending if the month is 28, 30, 31 days.

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