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We are looking for donations at our Earth Day raffle. We would like to prioritize donations that are in line with the Reduce and Reuse theme, such as experiences, gift cards, reusable, or reused or recycled items. Your company will be recognized at the event for your contribution. Thank you! 
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In addition to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy linked below, all uses of and donations made through this webpage to the city of Boise City (“City”) are governed by the following legally binding conditions:

1. All donations are provided to the City as irrevocable gifts, and any return or refund of such gift is solely at the City’s discretion.

2. The City reserves the right to refuse and return any donation in its sole and absolute discretion, including and without limitation, where the City believes that accepting the donation would conflict with the mission, values, or interests of the City or the Earth Day 50th Anniversary Celebration.

3. City reserves the right to:

  • Request the full name and contact information of the donor;
  • Request information from the donor regarding the provenance of the donation;
  • Undertake any investigation the City deems fit to determine the provenance of the donation; and
  • Publicize the identity of the donor and the donation.

4. The City is a registered municipal corporation, and donors shall not be entitled to any charitable contribution deduction in respect of their donations under federal or state law.

5. Donors who are individuals warrant that they are eighteen (18) years of age or older. All other donors must be incorporated, established, or registered entities in the United States.

6. Neither the City nor its elected officials, officers, employees, or agents shall be liable for any damages or losses suffered by any donor or third-party arising out of or in connection with a donation.

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