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Geothermal Emergencies

To report geothermal emergencies please contact:

Phone: (208) 608-7200

TTY: (800) 377-3529

For updates or information if a geothermal system outage occurs, please call (208) 608-7200 then press "2" to listen to a recorded message.

How Geothermal Works

Deep below our earth’s surface runs a natural resource that the City of Boise has been utilizing for more than a century. A river of geothermally heated water flows under our city’s foothills. From heating buildings to sidewalk snowmelt and warming recreational pools, the City of Boise’s geothermal heating utility is innovative, renewable – and sustainable to the core.

Why Geothermal

Competitive Advantage

Adding this to a list of your building’s sustainability factors increases attraction, differentiation, and marketability to tenants and their employees.

Value-Driven Choice for Heating Your Building

Compared to other utility choices, geothermal is not impacted by volatility in natural gas prices. The City of Boise’s dependable heating district is powered by a completely renewable natural resource – right under our feet.

Join the Nation's Largest Geothermal Heating Utility

Hands-on expertise from City staff can help optimize your own building’s system, while incentives make signing up easy.

Sustainable to the Core


The largest in the country, the City of Boise’s geothermal heating utility delivers the naturally heated 177° water through a network of pipes that as of 2019 warmed more than 6 million square feet of building space – a number that’s growing rapidly.

Local and Renewable

A truly closed-loop process, after the water is circulated through the heating district it’s safely added back into the aquifer.


Minimal electricity is required to power the system’s pump, with no fossil fuels used at any step in the process, this keeps the environmental impact of this resource lower than other heating options.

Where You Can Find It

Beneath the streets of Boise are over 20 miles of pipeline that heat over 6 million square feet. All over downtown, you'll find these plaques in buildings; including JUMP, City Hall, Treasure Valley YMCA, Boise State and more. 

History of Boise's Geothermal

Boise has used geothermal heat since the 1890s to heat Victorian homes and the original Natatorium. Back then, the cost to use the geothermal heat was just $2 a month for smaller homes and $3 a month for large homes. In 1983, the City of Boise started the beginnings of the Geothermal Heat system that is now a part of the largest, municipally-operated system in the country, heating over 90 buildings throughout downtown Boise.

Boise Warm Springs Water District

If you live within the Warm Springs District boundary, please contact the Boise Warm Springs Water District for geothermal information.

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