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The City of Boise manages utilities for commercial operations and companies for the following:

  • Sewer
  • Trash / Recycling
  • Geothermal


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Contact Sewer Rating for fee information. In general, fees paid to the city prior to connection to the sanitary sewer system consist of two major components: connection (capacity) fees, and assessment fees.

  • Connection (capacity) Fees: Commercial connection (capacity) fees are calculated per plumbing fixture based on the estimated flow and strength of the waste. Food service and industrial type services are calculated differently. 
  • Assessment Fees: The assessment fee is based on the average cost of an 8-inch sewer line in the street and will include a service line to the edge of the right-of-way of your property. The assessment is an average cost to construct pipe, manholes, pavement restoration, and permits as well as design, survey and inspection of the project. The assessment fee is an average cost of projects rather than dividing the cost of the particular project which serves your area.

Pretreatment Program

The Pretreatment Program objectives are met by helping local businesses understand their responsibilities under the Boise City Code and the Federal Pretreatment Rules (pollution control requirements).Boise City's Pretreatment Program local legal authority as per City Code.

If you are an industrial or commercial business that discharges or plans to discharge wastewater to the Boise City sewer system, you should check with the Boise Pretreatment Program to determine which pretreatment requirements may apply to your wastewater discharge and if you need to apply for a permit.

Trash and Recycling

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You will be required to complete a Republic Services service agreement before Utility Billing Services can set up an account. Call Republic Services at (208) 345-1266 or submit a Customer Service request

For collection schedules and additional commercial service information, please visit Curb It.

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For more information about commercial geothermal service, contact geothermal or call (208) 608-7173.

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