Water Renewal Services

Long before the Clean Water Act was enacted, Boiseans recognized that clean water was vital to the community and the future of the city. Residents and city government came together to build what was one of the most advanced treatment facilities in the western U.S. to clean up the Boise River. The result was the Lander Street Water Renewal Facility. 
Over 70 years later, City of Boise’s Water Renewal Services continues to protect public health and keep the Boise River safe and clean. With strong community involvement, we have established a commitment to clean water that represents the values of Boiseans. While these guiding principles remain the same as they were over 70 years ago, Boise is facing new challenges related to regulations, funding, increasing growth in Boise and an ever-changing environment.

Water Renewal
Utility Plan


What We Do

The City of Boise’s Water Renewal Services is the utility that cleans the city’s used water (e.g. water that goes down the drain, toilet etc.) from our homes and businesses – keeping our city clean and safe. We clean 30 million gallons of water every day and put it into the Boise River. It is the largest municipal community asset, worth approximately $2 billion, and consists of:

  • Lander Street Water Renewal Facility (built in 1949)
  • West Boise Water Renewal Facility (built in 1974)
  • Twenty Mile South Farm – using organic matter to grow crops (constructed in 1994)
  • Dixie Drain Facility – keeping phosphorus out of the Boise River (built in 2015)
  • Utility Maintenance
  • Over 1000 miles of underground pipe

Recovering Resources

Getting the most out of every drop

With dedicated staff and a track record of thinking big, we recover as many resources from used water as possible before we put it into the Boise River. We clean approximately 10 billion gallons of water each year. From that water, we:

  • Recycle organic matter (biosolids) for local crop production
  • Harvest phosphorus to make commercial fertilizer
  • Capture methane gas to heat our facilities
  • Create clean water that goes to the Boise River
Infrastructure Condition

How will we ensure the infrastructure that safely cleans our water and protects our public health remains in proper condition? 


How will we meet the increased needs of our community as we continue to grow, and new regulations reduce efficiency? 

Regulatory Requirements

How do we continue to stay ahead of the curve and plan for known and unknown future federal and state water quality mandates?

Customer Expectations

Do we only meet just the minimum permit requirements or rise to meet the environmental priorities of our community?  

Learn More and Take A Free Tour

For a behind-the-scenes look at our innovative treatment practices and learn what Water Renewal Services does every day, you can schedule a free tour through the Boise WaterShed. Offering free, year-round activities and events for all ages or the whole family, The Boise WaterShed features an outdoor 2-acre River Campus that simulates how water travels through a watershed, an educational center filled with interactive exhibits, and the largest concentration of public art in Idaho.

Visit the WaterShed

Children playing in water feature in front of a building
WaterShed Weekend Fun

WaterShed Weekends with Tours

Join us for various activities for the whole family, plus a Water Renewal Facility tour for those ages 4 and up. WaterShed Weekends are hosted the third Saturday of the month from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Come join the fun!

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