Boise Districting Commission

The Boise Districting Commission was created to determine the district map for city council elections. The citizen commission led a transparent process to draw the map for city council elections, which will stand for as long as a decade.

Commission Information

The Boise Districting Commission has five commissioners that were appointed in July 2022.

  • Micki Love, Chair
  • Quinn Perry, Vice Chair
  • Kathy Peter
  • Travis Spiker
  • Carolina Valderrama Echavarria

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About Council Districts

During the 2020 legislative session, the State passed a bill (HB413) requiring cities with populations over 100,000 people to create districts for City Council elections.

In 2021, Boise City Council seats 1, 3 and 5 were up for election using temporary geographic districts since the 2020 census data was unavailable. Council members were elected for two-year terms instead of the standard four.

In 2023 all six council districts will be up for election using the map created by the Boise Districting Commission utilizing the 2020 census data. In 2023, odd-numbered districts will run for four-year terms and even-numbered districts will run for two-year terms so that council elects are staggered.

Boise Districting Plan

Earlier this fall, the city invited residents to draw districting maps that structure council districts. Plans submitted by commission members and the public were reviewed by the Boise Districting Commission and helped guide the commission as they drafted the Boise Districting Plan.

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