Redistricting Map

In 2020 the Idaho Legislature passed legislation requiring cities of over 100,000 residents to elect their city council members by districts. Because the statute requiring election by districts does not dictate how districts are created, Boise's City Council has decided on a resident commission process and established the Boise Districting Commission.

The Boise Districting Commission consists of five City of Boise residents who are eligible to vote and represent a cross section of the community. With the help of the community, the Boise Districting Commission is seeking input on how districts should be drawn for future City Council elections.

All six council districts will be up for election in 2023 and use the map created by the Boise Districting Commission utilizing the 2020 census data. In 2023, odd-numbered districts will run for four-year terms and even-numbered districts will run for two-year terms so that council elects are staggered.

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Skyline image of downtown Boise on top of Vista with orange, yellow, and green trees, and blue skies behind the foothills.

Boise Districting Plan

Earlier this fall, the city invited residents to draw districting maps that structure council districts. Plans submitted by commission members and the public were reviewed by the Boise Districting Commission and helped guide the commission as they drafted the final map of council districts.

Commission members voted for the Boise Districting Plan at their final meeting on November 16th and was approved by Boise City Council on December 13th.

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