Fire officials urge public to use extreme caution with fireworks this holiday weekend

July 1, 2021

Meridian and Boise Fire Officials are asking residents to use extreme caution with fireworks this Fourth of July.

Boise Fire and Meridian Fire strongly encourage consider attending a public fireworks show, rather than setting off their own fireworks:

“With hot, dry weather in the forecast, please do your part to stay safe and protect our community this Fourth of July weekend,” said Mayor McLean. “It’s up to all of us to be responsible and take every precaution to prevent a strain on emergency services during these triple-digit temperatures.” 

If you decide to purchase fireworks it’s important to keep in mind that they must be legal and used with caution.

“Always look for the ‘Safe and Sane’ logo, to verify fireworks are legal before purchasing,” said Meridian Fire Marshal Joe Bongiorno. “Safe and Sane fireworks do not fly into the air or explode, which greatly reduces the risk of injury and fire.”
With firework ordinances varying among cities, Meridian and Boise residents should be aware of their city’s ordinances prior to purchasing fireworks. Some stands inside Ada County may offer fireworks that are illegal within Meridian and Boise city limits.
“A fire resulting from the misuse or illegal use of fireworks could result in the responsible party being financially liable for the first response and any damages,” said Boise Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Romeo Gervais. ”It is the responsibility of all of us to keep our neighborhoods safe.”

Other tips for Firework Safety
  • Purchase your fireworks from a reliable seller.
  • Have an adult present to supervise all fireworks activity.
  • Inspect fireworks for damage before using.
  • Have a fire extinguisher or water nearby when setting off fireworks.
  • Ignite fireworks outdoors in a clear area away from buildings, vehicles, and vegetation.
  • Set fireworks on a hard paved surface in a wide open area, with spectators 25’ to 100’ away from the ignition site.
  • Dispose of fireworks properly by soaking them in a bucket of water immediately after use, and before disposing in the trash.
  • Store unused fireworks in a cool dry place away from access to children.
  • Give fireworks to small children.
  • Point or throw fireworks at another person.
  • Hold lit fireworks in your hand.
  • Set off fireworks in a large crowd of people.
  • Use fireworks by dry grass or flammable materials.
  • Experiment with homemade fireworks or attempt to alter fireworks.
  • Ignite fireworks in metal or glass containers.
  • Attempt to relight malfunctioning fireworks.
  • Use fireworks that appear to have gotten wet then dried, have loose fuses, appear old or show any other signs of mishandling.
  • Ignite fireworks if they do not have a “Safe and Sane” label on them.

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