Mayor Bieter Endorses Adopting Petition Initiative Ordinances; City Council Considers Options Tuesday

June 7, 2019

Mayor Dave Bieter today endorses the adoption of two proposed city ordinances calling for a public vote to approve the city’s plans for a new Main Library Campus and possible city participation in a private sports park project.

The Boise City Council, next week, will review the City of Boise’s options regarding the proposed ordinances, which originated from two signature petitions that the Ada County Clerk validated on May 29. Mayor Bieter said the city should adopt the ordinances in order to honor the intent of the petitioners and simplify a potentially complex public process related to the ordinances.

“It is important that we respect the democratic process and resident engagement represented by these two petitions,” said Mayor Bieter. “Adopting them allows us to protect the intent of the petitioners and ensures that we follow a simplified public process for all of our residents.”

According to Idaho state law, the city council members have 30 days from the date of the petition validation to schedule a public hearing on the proposed ordinances. On Tuesday, during their scheduled work session at 4:30 p.m., the council members will consider a recommendation from city staff to hold a public hearing on June 25.

In addition, Idaho state law gives the city council members the opportunity to adopt the proposed ordinances within that same 30-day window. Adopting them will simplify a potentially complex public process related to the proposed ordinances. This is particularly true of the ordinances’ call for “a vote to vote,” which could lead to considerable confusion among voters.

As written, the proposed ordinances tied to the signature petitions require that residents first vote on whether the projects should come to a vote. Then, if the need for a vote is affirmed by the voters, a second vote on the projects themselves would be held at a later date. By adopting the proposed ordinances and approving the ballot measures within 30 days, this “vote to vote” scenario would be avoided.

Adding to the potential confusion is the fact that the sports park developer has not brought forward a formal proposal since changing sites for this privately developed project. Without that proposal, it is unclear what role the city would have, if any, in the project or exactly what a ballot measure would be asking of voters.

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