Bieter Will Not Recommend Setting New Short-Term Rental Policies

November 20, 2019

Mayor Dave Bieter announced today that he will not recommend setting new policies regulating short-term rentals in the City of Boise.

“Dozens of conversations with residents have made it clear moving forward on this very complex issue just is not possible,” Mayor Bieter said. “We have no policies currently in place and I don’t believe a task force can be successful. Moreover, even with enforcing such regulations consensus would be futile.”

In a two-week-long online survey conducted after the proposals were made in September, about 67 percent of respondents opposed amending city code to regulate short-term rentals. Comparatively, approximately 28 percent of respondents favor the possible changes, while the remaining 5 percent were neutral or want more clarity about the proposal.

“Our new approach around allowing larger accessory dwelling units fit well with our larger efforts around Grow Our Housing and will help ease housing affordability challenges,” Mayor Bieter said. “We should take a look at how these efforts progress before jumping into other regulatory measures too quickly.”

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