Mayor to Form Stakeholder Group to Examine Possible Short-Term Rental Policies

October 1, 2019

Mayor Dave Bieter announced today he will create a stakeholder advisory group to examine possible new policies to address the impact of short-term rentals on neighborhoods and housing affordability in Boise. He made the announcement after hearing from more than 1,200 community members via a two-week-long online survey about his September 12 recommendation that the City of Boise consider four new short-term rental policies.

“The feedback we’ve received from Boiseans illustrates how complex this issue is,” Mayor Bieter said. “Some believe short-term rentals have adverse effects on neighborhood character and Boise’s housing market, while others feel individuals should be able to manage their property as they see fit. As Boise continues to thrive, it is our duty to strike a balance between these two viewpoints so we maintain affordable long-term rental housing options while preserving individual property rights.”

Roughly 67 percent of those who took part in the survey, which closed on Friday, opposed amending the existing city code to address concerns about the impact of short-term rentals. Comparatively, approximately 28 percent of respondents favor the possible changes, while the remaining 5 percent were neutral or want more clarity about the proposal.

The original policy recommendations grew out of the city’s Community Conversations on Growth and its ongoing implementation of its Grow Our Housing strategy for addressing the housing needs of Boise. The mayor also pointed out concerns surrounding short-term rentals were a frequent discussion point during the city’s deliberations over the relaxation of restrictions on accessory dwelling units earlier this year.

In forming the advisory group in coming weeks, Mayor Bieter will invite stakeholders with a variety of viewpoints on the issue to participate, including neighborhood leaders and residents, property owners and realtors, with the goal of providing recommendations to him and the city council.

“Protecting our neighborhoods and doing everything we can on housing affordability is crucial, but we want to make sure our ultimate path forward makes sense for the entire community,” Mayor Bieter said. “Hundreds of Boiseans with a wide range of viewpoints have engaged with us around this issue over the past two years. I look forward to continuing this discussion as we look for the right balance.”

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