First 100 Days: An Open City Hall

January 9, 2020

Mayor Lauren McLean released the following statement on how she will create a more open and transparent city government:

Mayor Lauren McLean:

Boiseans voted overwhelmingly for a change in style and tone, embracing a vision for a transparent, accessible, and accountable City Hall. I want to honor the spirit of that vote, and commit to you in this first week some changes in how we’re doing business. I’m proposing a slate of changes to increase my accountability and accessibility to every person in Boise. You voted for more open doors for City Hall, and this is my answer.

  • Public Online Calendar: My calendar will be available online for anyone to see. Residents deserve to know who their mayor is meeting with, when, and why.
  • Open Door Policy: I will maintain an “open door” policy. If a resident drops in and would like to talk, I’ll do so whenever available.
  • Direct Text Line: I will continue to provide a dedicated text line to citizens. Residents value an easy way to get in touch, and I want to maintain that.
  • Monthly Listening Sessions: I will also continue my informal, unstructured, open listening sessions, moving through the city over the course of the year.
  • No Corporate Money: As a candidate and now as mayor, I will not accept corporate or corporate PAC donations.
  • No Soliciting of City Employees: Additionally, I will make changes to our ethics rules prohibiting the mayor from soliciting donations from City of Boise staff. No employee should ever feel like their job is dependent on supporting the mayor politically.
  • Election Reporting: Elections reporting shall move from the City Clerk to the administrator of City Elections, the Ada County Clerk. It’s unreasonable to expect the City Clerk and staff to enforce elections compliance for the mayor, city  council, and PACs supporting them.
  • Press Availability: I will be available for in-person, unprogrammed bimonthly (twice a month) press roundtables with local reporters. The press are an essential part of public accountability, and I appreciate their service to our community.

I am working with our professional city staff to accommodate and integrate these changes now, and we expect to have them fully implemented by February.

Additionally, in the coming weeks, I look forward to sharing information about property taxes, budgeting, affordability, and the work of my six citizen committees. I remain steadfast in my commitment to tackling the issues Boiseans care about most.

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