City of Boise Extends Formal MOA to J. Fisher Companies for Franklin and Orchard Development

July 29, 2020

In a continued effort to ensure Boise has housing at every price point for our residents, Mayor McLean and City Council members unanimously voted at yesterday’s Boise City Council meeting to approve the extension of a formal Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to J. Fisher Companies for the development of Franklin and Orchard, a mixed-income and use development in a Community Activity Center.

The proposed development will include approximately 200 units, with a variety of housing types, including one to three-bedroom multi-family units (ranging from 500 – 1150 square feet) and townhomes. It will be designed to integrate into Franklin Park with unique community gathering spaces woven throughout to bring the Central Bench residents together. An anchor building will sit on the corner of Franklin and Orchard to provide retail and housing rental units.

Five development teams submitted applications between February 18, 2020 – April 6, 2020. All applications were reviewed and scored by a committee of nine (9) community members representing the city’s Planning and Development Services department, Parks and Recreation department, Department of Finance and Administration and the Central Bench Neighborhood Association.

J. Fisher Companies was selected based on submitting a design that was innovative and most closely aligned with residents’ vision for a community activity center.

“I strongly believe that, in order to keep our neighborhoods people-scaled and people-friendly, we must develop housing for all – at every price point. Based on the work presented by J. Fishers Companies, I am confident we can accomplish just that with the Franklin and Orchard development,” said Mayor McLean.

“We are so happy to have been selected for this development. The trust put into J. Fisher Companies by the residents of Boise is an honor. We look forward to creating a development that provides affordable housing and community spaces for all Boiseans to enjoy,” said Jake Wood of J. Fisher Companies.

In July 2019, the city of Boise purchased the 4.7-acre site adjacent to Franklin Park, at the Southwest corner of Franklin Road and Orchard Street. The development provides for urgently needed housing options for residents at all income levels.

To follow next steps in the development of Franklin and Orchard, please visit the Franklin and Orchard project website.

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