Mayor McLean to Close Dine-In Bars and Restaurants Effective Midnight Tonight; Clarifies Childcare Licensing and Meeting Protocols

March 19, 2020


In the interest of public health, effective at midnight tonight, I am ordering the closure of bars and restaurants’ dine-in operations for 30 days. This does not include drive-thru, delivery or takeout options for facilities. (View Public Health Emergency Order No. 20-02)

CDC guidance states that no more than 10 people should be in one gathering space at a time. Scientific evidence exists that the virus lives longer than other viruses on hard surfaces, such as dining tables. The fear that workers have about being exposed to the virus from customers who continue to expect service, the need from a business and insurance perspective that owners have for us to take decisive action and the CDC guidelines, have led us to take action.

I don’t make this decision lightly. This disrupts lives, costs jobs, and for that I’m sorry. It is my commitment to work with regional leaders to develop specific economic recovery measures for which we will advocate at the state and federal level, and to use every tool allowed to cities by our state to provide relief directly – not only for these establishments, but for our local economy – particularly small businesses hit by this pandemic – as a whole.

We have to change our behaviors that are so familiar; the way we eat, shop and exercise. We know there are actions we can take to mitigate impact and slow the spread.

We have some incredible dining options in Boise, and I encourage you to continue to support our restaurant community as much as possible through drive-through, delivery and takeout options.

COVD-19 will give us a sequence of rapid innovation problems, in an accelerated time frame. Things will change. We will take action, be agile and can, and will, make changes when we learn we should.

We are prioritizing childcare licenses to ensure that our public health and safety workers have access to childcare during this time. Childcare license renewals expiring in March and April will be extended for eight weeks, through the end of April. This includes license renewals for childcare facilities, in-home daycares and childcare workers. The Clerk’s office will email and mail updated licenses by the end of this week. Individuals can apply for a new childcare license online through the City of Boise’s website. Fingerprinting and background checks are required by the Federal Government. We will be offering this service at Boise City Hall by appointment only. Please call the Clerk’s office to schedule.

Also, in keeping with the CDC’s recommendation on gatherings limited to 10 people, we issued Public Health Emergency Order No. 20-01 today which suspends meetings of the following City of Boise commissions and committees until further notice.

  • Airport Commission (B.C.C. Title 2, Chapter 2);
  • Parks and Recreation Commission (B.C.C. Title 2, Chapter 3);
  • Planning and Zoning Commission (B.C.C. Title 2, Chapter 4);
  • Design Review Committee (B.C.C. Title 11, Chapter 2);
  • Historic Preservation Commission (B.C.C. Title 11, Chapter 2);
  • Development and Impact Fee Advisory Committee (B.C.C. Title 2, Chapter 5);
  • Public Works Commission (B.C.C. Title 2, Chapter 6);
  • Arts and History Commission (B.C.C. Title 2, Chapter 8);
  • Housing and Community Development Advisory Committee (B.C.C. Title 2, Chapter 9);
  • Open Space and Clean Water Advisory Committee (B.C.C. Title 2, Chapter 11);
  • Ethics Commission (B.C.C. Title 2, Chapter 12);
  • Accessible Parking Commission (B.C.C. Title 2, Chapter 13);
  • Neighbors in Need Trust Fund Advisory Board (B.C.C. Title 2, Chapter 14);
  • Building Board of Appeals (B.C.C. Title 9, Chapter 1)
  • Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas Board (B.C.C. Title 9, Chapter 4 and Title 9, Chapter 7);
  • Special Events Team (B.C.C. Title 3, Chapter 17), and
  • Electrical Board of Appeal (B.C.C. Title 9, Chapter 5).

We must act to protect the health of our workers, the public, to slow the spread of the virus and ultimately, to earnestly take action to help economic recovery. I met today with health professionals from John Hopkins University and more than 80 mayors nationwide. It’s agreed that cities and elected officials have a choice to take action to protect the public health or wait and hope things will change. I would prefer to take this 30-day action than to hope our situation is different here than what the world is experiencing.

Everyone needs do their part. These actions are difficult but necessary. Things will change. We will learn what works and what doesn’t, and we can make changes. This isn’t like the flu. Kids can get sick, and they can pass onto older adults.

This will save lives.

We look forward to the next steps of recovery and resilience. We look forward to state and federal solutions to address the wide-ranging impact of this pandemic.

I urge the public to visit this website for more info.

We are working on creating a hotline and dedicated email for answers to all your questions

We will weather this health crisis together and look to a brighter future.

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