Boise City Council Work Session and Council Highlights

June 9, 2021

Mayor Lauren McLean and the Boise City Council heard presentations and updates on the Hayman House Project and HUD Consolidated Plan, passed a resolution supporting passenger rail service, and received a first look at the ambitious new Climate Action Road Map.  

During the City Council work session, representatives from Public Works walked Mayor McLean and the Boise City Council through the goals, priorities, and reasons for a plan to ensure Boise is leading on climate and turning challenges into opportunities and prosperity for our community.  

Climate Action Division Senior Manager Steve Hubble presented the roadmap's three major goals:  

  1. City Government Operations: Carbon neutral by 2035 
  2. Community: Carbon neutral by 2050 
  3. Enhance community resilience and our local ability to adapt to climate change impacts. 

Boise's climate actions will prioritize equity, improve human health and wellness, and grow a climate economy. The city will lead by example by improving city government operations, rethinking policies, and influencing systemic change. The engagement of all who live, work and play in Boise will expand our collective impact.  

To learn more about the Climate Action Roadmap, please register for today's press huddle here.  

Also on the agenda was an update on the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) five-year Consolidated Plan, and the city’s continued work to use the resources towards ensuring a home for everyone. Housing and Community Development Operations Manager Melinda McGoldrick explained how the team intends to use HUD funds to increase access to housing and support those currently experiencing homelessness. The plan will increase equity and work with community partners to increase supportive services.  

The HUD Consolidated Plan will continue to develop and better align with community needs and the city’s goals to create and preserve affordable housing units. Public comment is currently being accepted, and the plan will come before the city council in late July. You can find more information here.  

Representatives from Public Works and the Boise City Department of Arts & History gave an update on the Erma Hayman House. Project Manager with Public Works Shawn Wilson talked through the construction plan. Public Art Program Manager Karl LeClair provided an opportunity to review public artist Vinnie Bagwell's design concept for "Erma's Wall," a work that will pay tribute to and celebrate Erma Hayman's life.  

The City of Boise acquired the property located at 617 Ash Street, the former home of longstanding resident Erma Andre Madry Hayman (1907 - 2009), in 2018. Residing in Boise's historic River Street Neighborhood, Erma Hayman and her neighbors' stories help us better understand racial discrimination, discriminatory policy, and city-building that shaped the daily lives of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. The Erma Hayman House is managed by the Boise City Department of Arts & History Cultural Sites program. More information can be found here.   

Mayor and  Council reaffirmed their commitment to movement for everyone with a resolution supporting rail expansion efforts and related legislative efforts aimed at inter-city passenger rail services. As the valley grows and becomes more intertwined, enhanced connectivity will be critical to our economic prosperity by creating equitable access to work, recreation, and housing.   

The city has joined the Greater Northwest Passenger Rail Working Group to seek innovative ways to establish efficient, safe, and reliable connections for our residents. By joining this group and supporting their legislative efforts, we can encourage our congressional delegation to engage in discussions at the national level. 

All Boise City Council Meetings and Work Sessions are archived and yesterday’s meetings can be found at the links below. 

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