McLean Eases Restrictions On Some In-Person Events

March 2, 2021

Today Mayor Lauren McLean issued a new public health order that lays out a process by which individuals or groups wishing to hold an event of more than 50 people can get approval.

The order was made in consultation with our public health experts at Central District Health (CDH) and in response to a decrease in COVID-19 numbers throughout the valley.

The process will start at Central District Health, where a person or organization interested in holding an event with more than 50 people will be required to submit a health and safety plan. CDH is working to develop a specific event form that will be posted to their website later this week at CDH will acknowledge receipt of the submitter's plan and let the applicant know they will be back in touch within a few days. Central District Health will then review the plan and may make recommendations for health precautions based on current public health guidelines.

Once the plan is recommended for approval by Central District Health, and if no other permits are required from the city, the event can move forward. If the event requires additional approval for things like alcohol compliance, security, or emergency services, the event should then be brought to the City for any permits or approval required.

If an event occurs that has not received a Central District Health recommended approval, the event may be in violation of this order.

Events ranging from an outdoor concert to the Big Sky Basketball Tournament will be able to move forward with Central District Health's plan review and recommended approval.

The City of Boise will lead by example and submit its own plans to Central District Health for any upcoming events larger than 50 people.

"I'm excited to offer a path for people to return safely to the events we've missed so much over the last year," said Mayor Lauren McLean. "I want to thank Central District Health for partnering with us, our local healthcare providers, regional partners, the business community, and especially our residents for helping us to slow the spread of COVID-19. The end is in sight, but as we begin to return to normal, we must all stay vigilant to ensure we don't lose the gains we've made over the last few months."

Properly worn face coverings and at least six feet of physical distance will continue to be required. The City of Boise will also continue to partner with the business community to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect our residents' health.

The City of Boise will continue to monitor the COVID-19 health crisis and will quickly change or modify the health order as needed.

The sacrifices everyone has made over the last year have put us in a good position to cautiously move forward out of this pandemic and rebuild stronger and more resilient than before.

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