City Council Approves Clean Energy Your Way

October 11, 2023

The City of Boise is excited to announce the City Council approved participation in the Clean Energy Your Way (CEYW) program. Through this program, the city will transition both the Boise Airport and the Lander Street Water Renewal Facility to clean energy. This effort brings the city 26% closer to reaching its goal of 100% clean electricity use across city government operations by 2030.

“This is possible because Boiseans have been so clear that they expect our city to lead in protecting our environment for the future,” said Boise Mayor Lauren McLean. “It is important that we are resilient and because we want our kids, and their kids, to be healthy and to have a place where they can live and thrive into the future.”

The Clean Energy Your Way (CEYW) program will not only allow the city to reduce emissions but will also give additional Idaho Power customers the ability to participate, further reducing emissions in the Boise community and beyond.

This has been a cooperative effort between the City of Boise and Idaho Power, as well as other partners including Micron Technology.

“In 2019 […] We made a commitment to each other and decided to collectively change,” said Idaho Power Chief Operating Officer Adam Richins at a recent press event announcing the city’s participation. “The city has specific goals related to emissions and they view the energy sector as an important part of achieving that goal. The beauty of this project is it is a partnership – the city receives clean energy at a reasonable price and Idaho Power is able to incorporate that clean energy into a reliable system.”

Following the finalization of the agreement between the city and Idaho Power it will be filed with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission for formal approval.

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