Community Weighs In On Priorities For Next Police Chief, McLean Appoints Selection Committee

May 9, 2024

In the coming months, seven community leaders will join Mayor Lauren McLean in selecting a new Chief of Police. The selection committee, comprised of community leaders, includes Bea Black, Jennifer Hensley, Latonia Haney Keith, Skip Oppenheimer, Chris Roth, Scott Schoenherr and Dave Wagers. The selection committee will work with McLean to review candidates and recommend finalists who will be invited to participate in a series of in-person interviews and stakeholder panels later this summer.

The position is open for recruitment through at least Tuesday, June 4th, 2024. Interested candidates are encouraged to visit Public Sector Search & Consulting’s website to learn more about the position and for information about how to apply.

Prior to posting the position, the firm conducted community meetings, focus groups and an online survey to best understand Boise’s priorities. Over 1,500 respondents completed the survey, which was open for three weeks in April. The survey asked residents what qualifications and leadership qualities they find most important in the next chief as well as what they think the new chief’s ‘highest’ priorities should be. Respondents cited reducing crime and enhancing public safety as their highest priority and are looking for a chief who practices transparency, responds to community concerns, and holds officers and staff accountable.

Q1. Please select the 5 qualifications you think are the most important when selecting the next Chief of Police?

1. Proven track record of reducing crime and enhancing public safety (57%)

2. Practices openness and transparency (56%)

3. Responsive to community concerns (52%)

4. Experience recruiting and retaining quality personnel (47%)

5. Proven successes in building community trust (42%)

Q2. Please select up to 5 priorities that you believe should be the ‘highest’ priority for the new chief.

1. Reducing crime/enhancing public safety (66%)

2. Holding officers/staff accountable (56%)

3. Enforcing existing laws and ordinances (47%)

4. Strengthening police/community partnerships (44%)

5. Integrating police responses with social service professionals for persons experiencing mental health challenges (39%)

Q3. Please select up to 5 leadership qualities you believe are most important when selecting the next Chief of Police.

1. Demonstrates character (82%)

2. Effective in emergency/crisis management (54%)

3. Holds all employees accountable (52%)

4. Fosters openness and transparency (45%)

5. Promotes development of staff, training, and succession planning (44%)

In an open-ended question seeking input on anything else they would like the mayor to consider in choosing a chief, respondents noted impartial enforcement of laws, a policing approach that focuses more on correcting and preventing undesirable behaviors and a strong desire for a chief with local experience or a strong understanding of local community dynamics.

Download Boise Community Survey (PDF)

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