Mayor McLean Announces Citywide Advisory Committee to Lead the Rewrite of Zoning Code

September 3, 2020

As we create a City for Everyone, it is important to bring together a group of individuals who represent our diverse community and geographies to build a city we can all be proud of together. I am humbled by our residents’ willingness to work together on rewriting the city’s zoning code, which hasn’t been updated in over 55 years, in a way that preserves and enhances community character, keeps our neighborhoods people-scaled and people-centered, and serves the needs of our city today and into the future.

I am happy to announce the newly formed 20-person committee. The individuals on the committee represent various cultural backgrounds, genders, and technical and personal experiences. Additionally, the group is geographically representative of the city’s planning areas.

The members of the Citywide Advisory Committee are:

Angela Michaels         Hilary Vaughn         Patrick Spoutz           Brad Nielsen

Damon Woods           Byron Folwell          Andrew Erstad           Frances Fujii

Daniel Malarkey         Nicole Windsor        Jessica Aguilar          Shellan Rodriguez

Richard Llewellyn       Ian McLaughlin       Roberta D'Amico        Marisa Keith

Drew Alexander         Ben Zamzow           Ester Ceja                Chris VanderStouwe

The official citywide kickoff of the Zoning Code Rewrite is anticipated to begin September 24, 2020; and the committee will embark on a two-year process this fall. Members will serve as advisors by providing recommendations to the project team, elected officials and the public. They will review and offer feedback on draft documents and broadly share the perspectives of the group, organization, or community they represent.

 The city will continue to actively seek input from interested community members in the Zoning Code Rewrite through monthly outreach, webinars, listening sessions across the city, and virtual office hours during which anyone can personally meet with a planner. We will also offer numerous opportunities for direct input through community surveys.

Community members interested in learning more about the Zoning Code Rewrite process or wish to participate in the process are encouraged to sign-up for the city’s Zoning Rewrite newsletter at

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