Chief’s Community Advisory Panel

April 17, 2018

In furtherance of our commitment to a community policing model the Boise Police Department has formed the Chief’s Community Advisory Panel.  The Chief’s Community Advisory Panel serves as a resource for the Chief in the formation of strategies, development of community policing concepts, improvement of public services, and building public trust.

BPD received almost one hundred nominations from people willing to offer their time to help the Boise Police Department better serve the citizens of Boise. “I truly appreciate your nominations and am grateful to serve a community where so many people are working to take part and make a difference,” said Boise Police Chief William Bones. There were a number of amazing candidates and narrowing the Panel to 12 people was a difficult task.  In the end we were able to gather a diverse cross-section of people representing a broad spectrum of viewpoints who all have a dedicated commitment to the City of Boise.

“Our police department is a reflection of the community we serve and it’s imperative that we include our community when setting a direction and priorities for the department,” said Boise Police Chief William Bones. “This panel has already proven its value by offering ideas and partnerships that will help us maintain a high quality of public safety and law enforcement services for years ahead.”

Panel participants include:

Dr. Willie Baber

Dr. Don Coberly

Shannon Decker

Erin Erkins

Tracy Hitchcock

Carolyn Holly

Drew Lorona

Steve Martin

Ericka Rupp

Andy Scoggin

Juan Saldana

Phillip Thompson

During the panel selection process, we recognized three areas which would require additional focus. Members of three additional subpanels will be called upon to provide feedback and guidance on examining diversity in Boise, assisting those with mental illness and those experiencing homelessness.

To allow greater participation by all interested parties we will invite new Panel members every two years.

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