BPD Scam warning for Snap Chat users

June 19, 2019

A scam is circulating on Snapchat. So far BPD has received reports from three victims.  If you have Snapchat please share the image or the tips below with your followers.

BPD Scam warning for Snapchat users

  • Be cautious of “friends” posting ways to make money.  If it sounds too good to be true, it always is.
  • Don’t give out account information, whether a bank account or a social media account to anyone.
  • Verify the opportunity or situation outside the app.  Call them or message them by other means.

This scam often starts with a “friends” Snapchat account being compromised. The victim then receives a request from their “friend” on Snapchat to deposit a check into their account, sometime by the victim providing bank log in information.  The victim is then asked to send a smaller amount of money to the suspect via Apple Pay or other mobile money apps, allegedly allowing the victim to keep the left over money.  The initial check will eventually be marked fraudulent or bounce and the original money never actually makes it to the victim’s account. At which time the victim is out the money they sent to the scammer.

BPD Scam warning for Snap Chat users
BPD Scam warning for Snap Chat users

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