Investigation leads to grand theft, drug arrest of man charged with intending to resell stolen goods

November 13, 2019

Arrested: Shayan Toghyani, 31, Boise

Charged:  Grand Theft by Receiving, Possessing, or Disposing of Stolen Property (F), Possession of a Controlled Substance (F)- Two Counts

In October, Boise Police detectives received information that a business on the 8100 block of W. Overland Road may be paying money for stolen electronics with the intent to resell them.  Detectives began investigating and located evidence and probable cause to continue a larger-scale investigation.  Officers were able to locate evidence that the store owner purchased electronics that he believed to be stolen at the time.  Detectives forwarded their investigation on to the Ada County Prosecutor’s Office and an arrest warrant was issued for the business owner, Shayan Toghyani, as well as a search warrant for the business.  Boise Police Neighborhood Contact officers took Toghyani into custody on Tuesday and a search of his business revealed several stolen devices, a small baggie of suspected meth, and another container of prescription pills that were not prescribed to Toghyani.  The suspect was transported to the Ada County Jail where he was booked on three felony charges.

Idaho State Code 18-2403 (4)   A person commits theft when he knowingly receives, retains, conceals, obtains control over, possesses, or disposes of stolen property, knowing the property to have been stolen or under such circumstances as would reasonably induce him to believe that the property was stolen, and

(a)  Intends to deprive the owner permanently of the use or benefit of the property; or

(b)  Knowingly uses, conceals or abandons the property in such manner as to deprive the owner permanently of such use or benefit; or

(c)  Uses, conceals, or abandons the property knowing such use, concealment or abandonment probably will deprive the owner permanently of such use or benefit.

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