Crime Prevention Month safety reminders

October 8, 2019

October is Crime Prevention Month and the Crime Prevention Unit at the Boise Police Department has put together a list of the five things you can do to stay safer this month.

Pedestrian safety

Use a flashlight and wear reflective clothing when exercising or walking in early morning or early evening hours.  Drivers may have a hard time seeing you, so help make sure you’re seen when out and about.

Identity theft prevention

The big 3 credit bureaus Experian, Equifax and Transunion offer the ability to check your credit or sign up for monitoring. If you have suspicious activity on your credit report, be sure to follow up with law enforcement. Consider freezing your credit so you won’t be a victim of fraudulent activity. Credit freezes for minors are also available since fraud can go undetected for years before they apply for credit.

Home security

With it getting darker earlier be sure to assess your home to ensure all your outside lights are in good working order. Lighting deters criminal activity so don’t give them the upper hand with a dark space to work/hide in. While you’re outside take time to trim tree branches and bushes to eliminate potential hiding spots!

Vehicle safety

We know it’s getting colder in the morning, but don’t give a criminal the opportunity to steal your ride while you’re warming it up. Lock your vehicle and make sure valuables aren’t visible on the seats.

Digital safety

Chat today with your kids about digital safety and what is appropriate to share online.  We recommend no more than 200 friends/followers and these should be someone they can physically tap on the shoulder.

Advise kids to immediately report to you or a trusted adult if someone asks them for an inappropriate picture/video, or threatens to expose them if they already sent something. Stress the importance that content can be extremely hard to remove from the online world. Chat with your child’s School Resource Officer if you have more questions.

Check out what apps your child has downloaded by viewing the history.  Some users may delete apps while not in use so parents/guardians don’t see them. You can also limit the ability to download apps or make modifications to the phone without your permission by using the Screen Time feature for iPhones and parental control apps on Android devices.

About the BPD Crime Prevention Unit

The Boise Police Department Crime Prevention Unit was started in 1984 with the goal of educating citizens about current trends in crime locally, as well as how to stay safe personally.  The Crime Prevention Unit works with police officers throughout the Boise Police Department and in other law enforcement agencies in Idaho to provide the most up-to-date safety and prevention practices on both a local and national level.  Through collaboration and a wide array of partnerships, the Crime Prevention Unit also provides training and assists in outreach services for the Boise Police Department.  Consisting of five members, the Crime Prevention Unit also assists local law enforcement in solving crimes through information outreach such as the Organized Retail Crime Association of Idaho, Neighborhood Watch, and Crime Stoppers.

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