Boise Police increase patrols during focus on traffic safety

February 20, 2020

One of the Boise Police Department’s 2020 goals is to increase our focus on traffic safety. Throughout the year officers will be paying special attention to several intersections with higher crash numbers. Since January 8, the BPD Motorcycle Traffic Enforcement Unit has partnered with the BPD Patrol Division, School Resource Officers and Neighborhood Contact Officers in conducting directed patrols near identified intersections, school zones, and areas that see a large number of vehicle, pedestrian and cycling traffic.

In that time these officers have made 627 stops and issued 550 citations for a number of different infractions including: speeding, speeding in a school zone, stop sign/traffic signal violations, failure to signal, wide turns, and texting while driving. These infractions have all been identified by officers as contributors to causing accidents. The goal is that an increased presence of officers using education and enforcement will help make Boise a safer place for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians to live and commute.

Police motorcycle officer with radar gun

“The driving behaviors that concern us the most are distracted and aggressive driving,” said Boise Police Corporal Kyle Wills. “We encourage residents to buckle up, put down the distractions and drive safely so that we all make it home.

Members of the BPD Downtown Boise evening team have also been placing more focus on safety and quality of life in the area that they patrol through traffic enforcement during the evenings and weekends. In a recent 4-hour directed traffic patrol, BPD officers issued 53 citations for a number of infractions, including: speeding, failure to signal, unsafe lane change, and racing. The highest number of cites went out to those with modified/amplified mufflers; 28 citations were issued. Officers hope that these efforts will help increase the quality of life and overall safety for those who live, work, and enjoy Downtown Boise.

Traffic safety has always been a priority for the Boise Police department which has a dedicated team of traffic enforcement officers. In 2019, officers issued over 30,000 traffic tickets. Boise Police also receive traffic complaints on a daily basis from people throughout the entire city. Traffic complaints are regularly reviewed and officers are then assigned to specific areas for follow-ups. Boise residents can report traffic concerns using our online reporting form. In 2019 officers responded to nearly 200 requests for traffic control from residents.

“Over 4,000 traffic accidents occur in Boise every year. It’s up to all of us to make our roads a safe place for all road users," said Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson.

Downtown street at night

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