Two arrested on delivery charges after officers observe drug deal

February 14, 2020

Arrested: Brion Kimble, 31, Boise

Charges: Drug Trafficking (F), Delivery of a controlled substance (F), Failure to appear - 4 counts

Arrested: Anthony Ramirez, 26, Boise

Charges: Delivery of a controlled substance (F), Possession of a controlled substance (F)

Boise Police working in the area of N. 25th Street and W. Main Street observed what appeared to be the sale of illegal drugs in a parking lot.  Officers identified the subjects in the parking lot as Brion Kimble and Anthony Ramirez.  Kimble was found to have four confirmed warrants for his arrest, two felony and two misdemeanor.  Ramirez was found to be in possession of eight grams of a substance that tested presumptive positive for heroin.  After further investigation, officers obtained a warrant for a hotel room on the 1600 block of W. Main Street.  Inside the room officers located 31 grams of a substance that tested presumptive positive for heroin, 13 hydrocodone pills, 4 grams of suspected cannabis, and multiple items of drug paraphernalia.  The two suspects, Brion Kimble and Anthony Ramirez, were arrested on the listed charges and booked into the Ada County Jail.

A third person involved was interviewed as a candidate for the LEAD program.  LEAD stands for Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program.   The program was established in 2018 in partnership with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare as part of the Treasure Valley Partnership to launch a strategic plan for battling opioid abuse.  For their part, Boise Police officers identify people who may be amenable to treatment and assist them in enrolling in the program.   Upon their successful completion of the program, the drug charges that they would have been arrested for, are not submitted for standard court processing.

Here is an update on the LEAD program recently released by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare’s Division of Behavioral Health:

Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) pilot

By Rachel Nenno

Program Specialist

In November 2018, the Division of Behavioral Health participated in launching a Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) pilot program. This pilot was achieved through collaborative efforts with the City of Boise, the Boise Police Department , Recovery 4 Life (Substance Use Disorder Treatment Provider), Raise the Bottom (Opioid Treatment Program) and BPA Health. The LEAD program diverts individuals with Opioid Use Disorder to treatment for their addiction in lieu of arrest. During the first year of the program, 11 individuals, who were identified by BPD, elected to participate in Substance Use Disorder treatment, including Medication Assisted Treatment.

The participants in LEAD were able to immediately complete an intake into treatment through Recovery for Life, with the opportunity to have immediate access to medication (either methadone or suboxone) provided by Raise the Bottom. While participants are actively involved in the program, charges that were incurred during their original interaction with law enforcement are put on hold. However, charges are submitted if participants are determined by the treatment provider as not successfully completing treatment. To date, six participants have successfully remained in the program. All of the collaborative parties are proud to announce that planning has begun for the LEAD program’s first graduation. Upon graduation from treatment, the participant’s original charges will not be submitted by BPD for standard court processing.

The Ada County LEAD program will continue through 2020 with the support of Idaho’s Response to the Opioid Crisis program. During this upcoming year, LEAD stakeholders will continue to mold and develop a program that overcomes identified gaps in services and increases the number of Idahoans who will have the opportunity to access treatment. It is the hope that additional programs can be implemented in other Idaho communities, and with the success of this pilot program, discussions and planning are already under way for beginning similar LEAD programs throughout the state.

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