Boise swears in new Police Chief

July 1, 2020

Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee took the official oath of office today in a small ceremony at City Hall. During the ceremony, Chief Lee spoke about Boise’s decades long commitment to community policing and his goals of continuing those efforts while leading the department into its next chapter.

“The Boise Police Department has been a true example of how community policing should work. Its liaison officers, refugee outreach, citizen advisory panels, civilian responders, and mental health response programs are just a few examples of the way Boise Police officers work with the community to problem solve. I look forward to taking those practices into the future and building stronger relationships with other marginalized populations,” said Chief Ryan Lee.  “I also have great expectations when it comes to accountability and data collection and I am eager to be part of a department that makes its community proud.”

Chief Ryan Lee comes to Boise after serving in Portland, Oregon for nearly 20 years, climbing the ranks from Officer to Assistant Chief of Police.

“It is my strong desire that people in Boise continue to feel a partnership with their police department. I have watched as other northwest cities have grown and believe I can help connect the different voices and ideas that are out there to ensure Boise grows carefully and can maintain the important characteristics that make Boise great,” said Chief Lee

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean called this an important time for police, community relationships in Boise and says Chief Lee is the right person for the job.

It is a pivotal moment to be swearing in a new police chief. Over the course of eight months, The City of Boise searched for the right Chief. And in that time, a pandemic hit, we are experiencing extreme economic hardship, and the need to examine policing in our society is elevated. You are the right person for the time we found ourselves in, for this community and to lead the Boise Police Department,” said Mayor Lauren McLean.

Chief Ryan Lee was confirmed by members of the Boise City Council on June 9, 2020. They were also in attendance today to show their support for Chief Lee.

On behalf of the entire City Council, we welcome Chief Lee and are confident in his ability to lead the Boise Police Department during these unprecedented times in our city. He is a relationship builder, a champion of community partnerships and brings to the force a strong focus on accountability and transparency. We welcome Chief Lee and his family to Boise,” said Council President Elaine Clegg.

“My first priority is to get to know the community and learn about their needs. I will engage and listen to people from all corners of this city to make sure the Boise Police Department is inclusive of all community members and is providing the service the community deserves, wants and expects.” said Chief Lee.

The ceremony was streamed virtually and due to Covid-19 restrictions, in person attendance was limited. A replay of the ceremony can be viewed here

Chief Lee raising hand as he is sworn in by Mayor McLean
Chief Ryan Lee

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