Investigation Leads to Arrest of Vehicle Burglary Suspect

December 22, 2021

On Monday, 12/20/2021 around 8:30 am Boise Police responded to reports of someone breaking car windows and stealing items from cars in a parking lot on the 800 block of E. Park Center Blvd. The suspect fled the scene but officers received a description of the suspect vehicle and located it a short time later near Findley and Federal Way. Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle but it fled at a high rate of speed. In the meantime, investigators received information about an ongoing investigation in Eagle with the same suspect vehicle. Officers were able to gather information indicating the suspect was traveling through Gooding County and Idaho State Police began to look for the vehicle. ISP located the suspect’s vehicle and after a short pursuit, they took the suspect into custody near Bliss in the area of Highway 30 and I-84. The suspect was booked into the Elmore County jail on charges related to the pursuit, a stolen firearm found in his possession and possession of a stolen financial transaction card. Boise Police also obtained a $250,000 warrant for the following charges; 7 counts of Burglary, 3 counts of Grand Theft, and 1 count of Felony eluding. The suspect was initially booked into jail under a false identity.  His name has now been verified as Favier Garcia, he is 23-years-old and from Miami Garden, Florida.

Officers have also learned the suspect was working with a second person. It’s believed that person left the area but efforts to locate the second suspect are underway. The investigation is ongoing.


Boise Police work together with the Organization Retail Crime Association of Idaho to identify suspects and crime trends similar to the one that occurred Monday. Often times in situations like this, the suspects will select locations where they know the victims may have left their purse or wallet in a vehicle and will be gone for an extended amount of time. In that time, the suspect attempts to steal items like credit or debit cards and use them at local retailers before the victims can cancel the card. Some common locations for this type of crime are gyms, trailheads, and daycares.

Boise Police encourage you to always lock your doors and keep valuable items out of sight, or better yet, remove them from the vehicle altogether.

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