Update on charges for arrested student

September 29, 2021

Update: Officers have to remove the charge of possession of a weapon on school grounds because it’s a misdemeanor that didn’t happen in the presence of an officer. The report will have to go through the prosecutor's office first and that charge is expected to be re-filed in the morning. The suspect remains in custody on the felony charge of Grand Theft.


Previously released 9/29/21

Arrested: Darrius Smith, 18, Boise

Charges: Weapon-Possessing Weapons or Firearms on School Property (m), Grand Theft by Receiving, Possessing or Disposing of Stolen Property (F)

At 10:08 am today School Resource Officers working at Frank Church High School on W. Salt Creek Dr. were alerted when the school’s security personnel located a firearm in a student’s backpack.  SRO’s immediately responded, secured the firearm, and took the student wearing the backpack into custody.  After further investigation, it was discovered the firearm was loaded and had previously been reported stolen.  Based on a preliminary investigation, there is no evidence of an associated threat to the school or any person at the school. The 18-year-old student who brought the firearm to school was arrested and booked into the Ada County Jail on the listed charges.

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