Scams This Week 12/8/22

December 8, 2022

We’re in the middle of a busy holiday season so there’s a good chance you’ve already started ordering gifts online. As those packages start arriving on doorsteps, porch pirates are looking for any opportunity to steal. It has been estimated that more than 25 million Americans will have packages stolen from their front doorsteps during the holiday shopping season.


Package Theft Prevention:

  • Track your package.
  • Schedule your delivery.
  • Have the package delivered to your place of work.
  • Have a neighbor who will be home be on the lookout for deliveries to your home.
  • Keep your porch clear and utilize Ring cameras or other security to identify when the package is delivered.
  • You also can request that all deliveries require a signature, although this can slow down the delivery process if you aren’t home and end up requiring you to drive to a distribution center
  • Amazon Prime also offers the Amazon Key Home Kit which comes with an app, a smart lock and security camera.  When a delivery is going to be made to your home, you can unlock your home remotely through the app in order to allow the delivery person to bring the package inside your home.  The security camera observes the delivery person throughout the entire process.  When the delivery is completed, you can relock your home using the app.

If your package is stolen, make sure to report it to the retailer, the shipping company, and to police. You are likely one of many victims in the area, so if the person responsible is found, reporting what items have been stolen can help us return them to you.

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