Scams This Week 3/29/22

March 29, 2022

Boise Police Financial Crimes Detectives continue to see reports that fall under the category of Extortion Scams. This scam is done multiple ways with scammers targeting the emotions of fear and love.


Warrant Scams:

This week, scam callers used the names Lt. Smith and Sgt Carter. Scammers will often use the name of a real officer they were able to pull from news stories. That way, if the victim looks up the name it will return to a local agency. Scammers may also use generic names like Smith and Johnson with the expectation that someone with that name will come up if their victim does a quick internet search.

They may even provide a badge number to sound more official and provide a made u scenario that induces fear.

One common example: Your personal information was used to rent a vehicle that was involved in a violent crime or found with narcotics inside. Now you have a warrant for your arrest.

The scammer will likely say that if you pay them, they can help to get the warrant off your record and then they will return your money. Gift Cards, Peer to Peer payment platforms and Bitcoin are commonly used for payment.

Jury Duty Scam:

In this scam, you will receive a call from a "government agent" who is letting you know you have a fine for missing Jury Duty. Thy say that unless you pay, a warrant will be issued. The scammer will often pose as the County Sheriff or US Marshal.

Grandparent Scam:

You get a call that your grandchild has been arrested and needs your help. In this scam, the scammer either poses as law enforcement or as the grandchild and asks you to pay to get them out of jail. This urgent request for help is meant to target your familial love and fear for their safety. Once again, scammers will usually request Gift Cards, Peer to Peer payment platforms and Bitcoin as payment.


  • Don’t automatically trust caller ID. Scammers can easily spoof a number to make it look like it is coming from any Government Agency.
  • The police will NEVER call to warn you of a warrant, and police do not take payment for warrants ever. That would be a bribe.
  • Gift Cards, Bitcoin, or any Peer to Peer payments are not accepted by government agencies.
  • Don’t let anyone pressure you. Hang up and call your local police department.
  • Stop, breathe, think, and talk with someone. Don't send the money.

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