Scams This Week 3/7/22

March 7, 2022

The scam tip of the week focuses on one of the biggest red flags.


Gift Cards: Whether it's a romance scam, remote access, an advanced payment scam, or any one of a number of scams, they usually involve a request for payment with gift cards.

A scammer will ask you to go by gift cards, take a picture of the card and send that picture to them for payment. DON'T DO IT. No legitimate company or agency would take gift cards as payment this way.

In all of our recent scam cases, the victims walked or drove to the store and purchased gift cards, took pictures of the cards, and sent them to the scammers.

If you decide to purchase a gift card, only do it when you're giving it as a gift to a friend you know or someone you love. Don't let scammers get paid.

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