Downtown Demonstration Update 5/14/2022

May 14, 2022

The Boise Police Department and Idaho State Police were at the Idaho Statehouse today for a planned demonstration.  Event organizers for the Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates had previously worked with the city, the state, and ACHD for the necessary permits and road closures for the event. Jefferson Street, from 6th to 8th Streets, and Capitol Blvd from Bannock to Jefferson Street was closed from 10 am-1 pm. The planned demonstration and march were mostly peaceful. There were two disturbances that led to arrests.

Arrested: Kristi Jordan, 44, Meridian

Charge: Battery on a law enforcement officer (F), Resisting or Obstructing officers (m)

Around 11:47 am a man and woman walked into the street and attempted to get people to enter the street past the road closure at 8th and Jefferson.  Officers warned them multiple times that they could be cited for being in the roadway.  As officers contacted them and escorted them out of the roadway, Kristi Jordan resisted and kicked an officer.  The man was cited and Kristi Jordan was cited and arrested on the listed charges.

Arrested: Kimra Luna, 36, Boise

Charge: Resisting or Obstructing Officers (m)

Around 1:15 pm another smaller demonstration, which did not have a permit, began to march downtown.  The person leading the march, Kimra Luna, was warned by Idaho State Police and Boise Police that she did not have the needed permit and permissions to use an amplified device downtown.  The megaphone with an attached microphone could be clearly heard 300 feet away.   After being warned several times, officers moved to arrest her and she resisted by pulling away and refusing to let go of the megaphone. Luna was arrested on the listed charges and cited for a violation of the Boise City Noise Ordinance.

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