Scams This Week 5/3/22

May 3, 2022

The term hacking is often over-used in scams. In reality, when scammers gain access to your devices and information, they typically don’t need any super special technology and programming skills, they just need to trick you. The trick they use is called social engineering.


Social Engineering: Scammers will try to access your social media accounts, bank accounts and more through manipulation. Like other scams, the scammer will often pose as a trusted company or even a friend.

It is very common for scammers to tell a victim that they are going to send them a verification code in order to prove the victim's identity. In reality, the scammer is attempting to log in to your account, and the social media site or bank site is sending a verification code or password reset code to the number or email on file.  Once you provide the verification code to confirm, the scammer can reset the password. The victim is inadvertently providing access to their accounts.

When scammers social engineer and gain access to your social media accounts, they may also look for information to gain access to other accounts.

REMEMBER verification codes are for you and only you. Do not give anyone your password or codes and definitely don't allow anyone remote access to your devices.

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