Statement Regarding Activities of Former BPD Captain

November 21, 2022

In light of recent revelations concerning a former member of BPD Command Staff, the Boise Police Department unequivocally states there is no room for racist ideologies, hatred, bigotry, or behaviors among members of the Boise Police Department, and we publicly condemn such in the strongest possible terms.

We find the actions and words of former BPD Captain Bryngelson relating to persons of color in our department and in our community to be offensive and troubling. We have communicated internally to all members of this agency in any capacity, that if anyone shares these types of thoughts, feelings, values, or ideologies – this department, and this line of work, is not for them. As a department, we commit to taking swift action with anyone who may harbor similar sentiments.

To be associated with an organization such as the “American Renaissance,” is unconscionable for a member of this agency. We must unitedly stand against hate and resist discrimination of any kind.

As a city and a community, we will address this. We share the concerns of Mayor McLean and the Boise City Council and will welcome and fully cooperate with an independent investigation to begin rebuilding a trusting relationship with each other and the public. We know that it will take the efforts of every one of us to gain the trust lost through these actions by a former member of our department.

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