Suspect charged with Assault after crash

January 7, 2023

Arrested: Justin Malek, 39, Boise

Charges: 2 Counts - Assault or Battery Upon Certain Personnel (F), Assault - Aggravated (F), Property - Malicious Injury to Property (F)

On Friday just before 4:30 pm, Boise Police officers responded to the 700 block of Curtis Rd. for a report of a vehicle collision, involving a vehicle that crashed into the HVAC unit of a building. Evidence indicates the driver, Justin Malek, intentionally crashed into the building, got out of the vehicle, and threatened a bystander with a large chain. When officers arrived on scene Malek took out a firearm and began firing multiple rounds in the direction of responding officers. Officers immediately created distance between themselves and the suspect. Officers then made contact with Malek who quickly complied and surrendered. The suspect was taken into custody and there were no injuries to Malek, officers, or anyone in the area. Officers canvased the nearby neighborhood to ensure no innocent bystanders were injured by the suspect’s gunfire. Malek was transported to the hospital to be evaluated and booked into the Ada County Jail on the listed charges.

White truck crashed into side of building
Close up of white truck into HVAC

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