BPD Awards Ceremony

March 27, 2023

The Boise Police Department held an Awards Ceremony today to honor several BPD employees for their service to our community.  Mayor Lauren McLean, Chief Ron Winegar and the rest of the Boise Police Department Command Staff presented the awards and congratulated everyone today for their work.  Some of the awards presented include the Medal of Valor, Purple Heart, Lifesaving, Meritorious Action and Leadership Commendations.

“Police officers exist to protect and serve as guardians of our community. Today we gathered to celebrate and reward some of the men and women of BPD who have done great work over the past couple of years,” said Chief Ron Winegar. “We ask our department members to be many things to many people, sometimes many things all at once.  Today we were able to share some of their stories and accomplishments with their families, friends and community members.”



Officer Chris Dance

On October 25, 2021, multiple officers responded to the Boise Towne Square Mall for a shooting incident. Officer Chris Dance, an 11-year law enforcement veteran, was one of two officers who located the suspect. As Officer Dance drove into the parking lot, the suspect began firing his weapon in the direction of the officers. Officer Dance discharged his service weapon before it became inoperable and then attempted to hit the suspect with his patrol vehicle. During the shooting, metal and glass fragments struck Officer Dance's face and caused a serious injury to his eye.

It was found that Officer Dance was not only lawfully attempting to apprehend a violent felon and defend other Law Enforcement officers but was acting in self-defense and to stop an ongoing shooting spree which had taken the lives of two citizens and was a threat to the lives of many others.

His actions prevented further injury to both fellow officers and citizens, and for his extraordinary act of service on that day, Officer Chris Dance is hereby awarded the Purple Heart and Medal of Valor.


Sergeant Eric Urian, Corporal Kari Fratusco, Detective Lori Bourgeau, Officer Robin Williams, Officer Dave Harris, Officer TyJuan Lynn, Officer Jessica Knarr, Shari Davis

In the summer of 2022, the Boise Police Department hosted its first SHIELD Academy for youth, with curriculum focused on Success, Helping, Innovation, Empowerment, Leadership, and Discovery. Shari Davis, Officer Jessica Knarr, and School Resource Officers created the four-week program, coordinated with the schools, built the curriculum, and selected around 20 middle school students to participate.

Each day, officers picked students up from their homes, drove them to their daily activities, and provided breakfast and lunch. Officers took the students on field trips including fishing, hiking, obstacle courses, tours of the Old Penitentiary, the Anne Frank Memorial, Boise State, and more. Officers also organized classroom time which included guest speakers and lessons on team building, life skills, goal setting, leadership development, and storytelling.

This program resulted in many personal growth opportunities for the students, new connections with resources, and built productive relationships with their community and Boise Police Officers. For their creativity, dedication, and resiliency to get the job done, Shari Davis, Officer Jessica Knarr, and the 2022 SRO Unit including Sergeant Eric Urian, Corporal Kari Fratusco, Detective Lori Bourgeau, Officer Dave Harris, Officer Robin Williams, and Officer TyJuan Lynn are hereby awarded the Distinguished Unit Citation.



Boise Police Organized Retail Crime Unit (Officer Ryan Thueson, Officer Marshall Plaisted, Former Officer Adam Schloegel)

Since the beginning of 2018, members of the Boise Police Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Unit have made over 300 felony arrests, recovered and returned over $650,000 in stolen merchandise, seized over a dozen firearms, and countless narcotics have been taken out of the community. The work done by these officers has been recognized both

nationally and internationally. In 2020, the ORC Unit was asked to give a presentation at a conference in Canada, and multiple other law enforcement agencies have sent officers to Boise to develop their own program.

In addition to their retail investigations, this unit is tied to the United States Marshals Greater Idaho Fugitive Task Force (GIFT). The ORC Unit will work with members of GIFT to locate and arrest violent

fugitives. This often takes countless hours of surveillance, interviews, and coordination to make these arrests safely. As a result, the ORC Unit has also been responsible for hundreds of violent fugitive arrests. Not only do the officers make the arrest, but they work closely with the originating detective to help with interviews, securing evidence and writing any additional search warrants.

The Boise Police Department Organized Retail Crime Unit has impacted the community in a way that would be difficult to truly measure. Often, people involved in organized retail crime use credit cards or personal information that was stolen from some of the most vulnerable in our populations. This is a crime that impacts citizens from all walks of life, and can cause damage that takes years to recover from. The members of ORC have provided an exceptional quality service to the community and have clearly gone above and beyond what is expected of them.


Lieutenant Steve Butler

On October 25, 2021 the Boise Police Department responded to, and coordinated, a large scale response for a shooting at the Boise Towne Square Mall. There were multiple crime scenes and multiple injured civilians in various states of needing first-aid, transport, and treatment. An officer was also injured and there was a need to strategically deploy dozens of Boise Police Officers and support personnel, fire department personnel and paramedics. Additionally, law enforcement officers from multiple outside law enforcement entities arrived to assist. Adding additional complication was the entire mall complex that needed to be cleared of additional threats, and dozens of civilians were still in the mall.

Lieutenant Steve Butler was off-duty and coincidentally at the Boise Towne Square Mall for personal business when the shooting occurred. Although unaware at the time of the specific details Lieutenant Butler immediately recognized there was a serious situation developing when multiple people began running through the mall and exiting where they could. Due to his level of preparation Lieutenant Butler had the necessary police equipment in his vehicle to respond and begin coordinating incoming officers. Upon learning specific details of what had occurred he discovered the on-duty Watch Commander had been involved in the initial response and Lieutenant Butler immediately assumed Incident Command of this complex and evolving incident. Lieutenant Butler's skill and competency in commanding the incident placed him in this position for multiple hours until relieved by other leadership at the conclusion of the event.



Sergeant Kirk Rush

On October 25, 2021 the Boise Police Department responded to, and coordinated, a large scale response for a shooting at the Boise Towne Square Mall. It became readily apparent that this was a task that needed calm, skilled and competent leadership. Sergeant Rush immediately filled this role.

Sergeant Rush worked with multiple law enforcement officers from both Boise Police Department as well as neighboring agencies, to clear the several thousand square foot mall of any additional threats as well as locating additional witnesses, victims, and bystanders. Sergeant Rush was also tasked with coordinating the first-aid treatment of the victims and preserving the multiple crime scenes for investigators. Sergeant Rush relieved officers from their duties as tasks were accomplished and was one of the last officers to leave the mall after the scene was made safe and objectives were completed.

For his outstanding leadership in a tense and stressful situation that required the mobilization and organization of multiple resources to effectuate highly effective plans, Sergeant Rush is awarded the Leadership Commendation Medal.


Sergeant Brett Powell, Corporal Robert Gibson, Corporal Brek Orton

On October 25, 2021 multiple officers responded to the Boise Towne Square Mall for a shooting incident. Upon learning a possible suspect had been taken into custody, multiple officers diverted their response to assist within the mall, and eventually deployed directly into the Macy's department store. Sergeant Brett Powell encountered an adult male victim at the top of the escalators with multiple gunshot wounds. It was apparent that the male was alive, but needed immediate lifesaving first aid. Sergeant Powell was soon joined by Corporal Brek Orton and Corporal Robert Gibson. Corporal Orton, Corporal Gibson and Sergeant Powell began working as a team to provide various forms of first aid to the victim to include the application of a chest seal, pressure bandages and CPR. This treatment continued for several minutes until the area was secured enough for the rescue task force to make entry. Corporals Orton and Gibson along with Sergeant Powell continued to assist fire and paramedics with life saving measures until the victim could be extracted from the scene and transported to the hospital.

For their immediate and quick-thinking actions in attempting to save this innocent victim's life Sergeant Brett Powell, Corporal Robert Gibson, and Corporal Brek Orton are awarded the Meritorious Action Ribbon.



Officer Jason Shofner

On October 25, 2021 multiple officers responded to the Boise Towne Square Mall for a shooting incident. As the incident progressed the responding officers initially learned that at least one victim had been shot and the subject had fled the scene and was running west from the mall. During this incident, two citizens lost their lives, and three others were injured from being struck by the subject's gunfire.

Officers Chris Dance and Jason Shofner advised they had a possible suspect behind a nearby large business. The subject fired a magazine of ammunition at Officers Chris Dance and Jason Shofner, injuring Officer Dance's left eye. During this time, Officer Shofner exited the patrol vehicle and ran toward the suspect utilizing cover and concealment while Officer Dance accelerated his vehicle toward the subject to provide cover. Officer Shofner took up a position in close proximity to the subject to cover him, which gave officers an opportunity to attend to Officer Dance who was injured. Officer Shofner assisted in taking the suspect into custody.

For Officer Jason Shofner's immediate and quick-thinking actions in helping assist an injured officer while knowing the suspect was still armed and at great risk to himself, he is hereby awarded the Police Silver Star.


Officer Kevin Franzman

In the evening of July 15, 2022, Officer Franzman responded to a welfare check at the Cabana Inn. The calling party advised of a subject lying on the sidewalk who had possibly overdosed. The caller then hung up and Dispatch had no further information.

Officer Franzman recognized the potential seriousness of the call and immediately put himself en route. Once on scene, Officer Franzman located an unresponsive female on the northeast comer of West Main Street and North 17th Street. The female was on her back and was not moving. Officer Franzman found the female was not breathing and, without hesitation, jumped into action and began life saving measures of chest compressions in an attempt to save her life. Officer Franzman was able to give clear verbal directions to the victim's boyfriend on scene to provide breaths to the victim. Officer Franzman continued doing CPR until he was relieved by Boise Fire.

For recognizing a serious call, self-assigning to it, and providing lifesaving measures with the utmost professionalism, Officer Franzman is awarded the Lifesaving Award.



Officer Coty Palmer

In the early morning of July 30, 2022, officers were dispatched to a hanging. Prior to arrival, dispatch walked the calling party through the steps on how to perform CPR on the female subject. Officer Coty Palmer arrived and noticed that the female was still not breathing and immediately took over chest compressions before being relieved by paramedics.

Ultimately, a pulse was obtained and she started breathing again. The

female denied trying to hang herself, but out of concern for the subject's safety, officers did further investigation. They found additional evidence that the subject may be a danger to herself and she was taken on an involuntary mental hold. A paramedic later advised the Acting Field Commander that Officer Palmer's very effective chest compressions were instrumental in saving this young woman's life.

For his quick actions and performing lifesaving measures, Officer Coty Palmer is awarded the Boise Police Department Lifesaving Award.


Sergeant Loren Hilliard, Corporal Joe Andreoli, Corporal Coy Bruner, Corporal Brek Orton, Officer Marshall Plaisted, Corporal Josh Kincaid

On February 24, 2021, the Boise Police Special Operations Unit (SOU) was deployed to a barricaded subject. The subject was wanted for felony charges stemming from a violent Domestic Battery. The subject had a violent criminal history including an attack on an officer with a knife. The subject was in the residence and refused to submit to arrest. After a lengthy standoff, SOU operators and members of the K9 Unit entered the residence, conducting a complex search for the subject.

The subject was determined to be hiding in the crawl space and Officer Marshall Plaisted deployed his K9 "Geno" under the house to apprehend the subject.

Operators heard Geno contact the subject, then go silent. Sergeant Loren Hilliard, Corporal Coy Bruner, Corporal Joe Andreoli, and Corporal Josh Kincaid entered the crawl space and began to search while Corporal Brek Orton entered and positioned himself near the entry. Geno was located and had been rendered ineffective, tied to a support post. Corporal Bruner located the subject at a 90-degree angle to where operators entered, setting up an ambush or escape opportunity. Officer Plaisted placed himself in harm's way to aid in controlling Geno who was coming loose from the tie.

Corporal Bruner challenged the subject at gunpoint, along with Corporal Kincaid, Sergeant Hilliard, and Corporal Andreoli. An additional attempt at a K9 apprehension was made, however, the subject made it clear his intention was to kill the dog. The subject fled toward the exit where Corporal Orton blocked his path. The subject continued to fight as Corporal Bruner, Corporal Kincaid, Corporal Andreoli, and Sergeant Hilliard contacted him and were able to subdue him after a lengthy, intense physical altercation.

For their actions, placing themselves in harm's way, and at great personal risk to rescue K9 Geno (who survived) and apprehend a violent felon, Sergeant Loren Hilliard, Corporal Joe Andreoli, Corporal Coy Bruner, Corporal Brek Orton, Officer Marshall Plaisted, and Corporal Josh Kincaid are hereby awarded a Meritorious Action Ribbon.



Cpl. Robert Gibson, Cpl. Brek Orton, Ofc. Aaron Hartje, Ofc. Steve Martinez, Ofc. Jeff Ridgeway, Sergeant Ted Snyder

On June 27, 2021, Sergeant Snyder observed a vehicle, with a juvenile inside, matching the description of one involved in a possible kidnapping. He attempted a traffic stop of the vehicle, but the driver failed to yield. Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, Sergeant Snyder initiated a pursuit of the vehicle with the assistance of Officer Aaron Hartje. During the pursuit, the driver brandished a large knife out of the driver's window.

Sergeant Snyder conducted a successful PIT of the vehicle, which ended the pursuit and allowed officers to exit their vehicles and challenge the subject at gunpoint. While the officers were covering the subject, Sergeant Snyder moved to the passenger door of the vehicle in an attempt to rescue the child. The subject then attempted to stab the child before he could be rescued. Recognizing the imminent and life-threatening action being taken against the child, officers discharged their firearms at the subject, striking him several times.

Corporal Robert Gibson, Officer Aaron Hartje, and Corporal Brek Orton removed the subject, who had sustained life threatening wounds, from the vehicle. They, along with Sergeant Snyder, immediately began applying lifesaving first aid until Paramedics arrived.

For their efforts in saving the life of the subject by immediately rendering lifesaving first aid, Cpl Robert Gibson, Cpl Brek Orton, Ofc Aaron Hartje, and Sgt Snyder are awarded the Lifesaving Award.

For recognizing an imminent and deadly threat and taking immediate and unhesitating action to prevent serious injury or death by utilizing deadly force to save the victim's life, Ofc Aaron Hartje, Ofc Steve Martinez, and Ofc Jeff Ridgeway are awarded the Lifesaving Award.

For Sergeant Ted Snyder's efforts in recognizing, locating, and eventually disabling a fleeing felony vehicle, then placing himself in immediate and grave danger to save the life of a child, he is hereby awarded the Police Silver Star.


Sergeant Joe Martinez, Officer Steve Martinez, Officer Kenneth Sandoval, Officer Andrew Morlock

In the early morning of August 31, 2020, Boise officers were made aware of an active shooter in Meridian. Sergeant Joe Martinez and Officers Andrew Morlock, Steve Martinez, Jason Green, Kenneth Sandoval, Travis Gilliam, Camron Johnson, Elijah Putnam, Michelle Tiner, and Ian Ross all volunteered to respond despite knowing that shots were currently being fired by the suspect. It was clear the suspect was shooting in the direction of other trailers and threatening innocent lives. Recognizing the immediate danger, these officers realized they needed to aggress the active shooter in order to stop these actions. Without regarding their own safety, these officers responded towards the gunfire.

The team arrived at the trailer just after the suspect was shot. The suspect resumed shooting while lying on the floor and therefore could not be seen. Sergeant Martinez and his team were tasked with approaching the trailer to stop the continued actions of the suspect. Even as the assault team began making its approach the suspect fired another round.

Officer Steve Martinez quickly made the decision to reposition himself at the side window to better see the suspect. As a result of his positioning, Officer Martinez was able to see the suspect tum toward officers with his gun. Officer Steve Martinez was able to return fire and help stop the threat. He again put himself at risk by making entry into the rear window to provide medical aid to the suspect, due to the front door being blockaded.

Officer Kenneth Sandoval assumed the role of carrying the ballistic shield. Despite not being able to see the suspect, he stayed at the rear of the trailer continuing to hold the shield as glass was shattering and rounds were going off next to him. He then put himself at risk by using the shield to help clear out the remaining window glass so officers could make entry into the rear window of the trailer.

Officer Morlock recognized the threat needed to be stopped immediately and quickly made the decision to hold on to the ladder with one hand and step up onto the bumper of the trailer to see into the trailer. Officer Morlock attempted to give commands just before the suspect turned towards officers with a gun. Officer Morlock returned fire and helped stop the threat. He then held eyes on the suspect and gave clear communication as to the suspect's movements. He remained in his position until other officers were able to get into the trailer.

Through teamwork, courage, and decisive action, the threat was quickly brought to an end. For their extreme courage, calmness, and professionalism Sergeant Joe Martinez, Officer Steve Martinez, Officer Kenneth Sandoval, and Officer Andrew Morlock are hereby awarded the Police Silver Star.



Dennis Herron

Dennis is an integral member of the Criminal Investigations Division, working hand-in-hand with each and every unit. As a Community Service Specialist, he works tirelessly on reviewing surveillance videos, making comparisons to identify suspect leads, and passing information along to detectives. Dennis is always eager to volunteer for extra duties above and beyond his already heavy case load, to include role playing for the academy and scribe duties during large scale pre-planned operations. For these reasons he has been voted the 2022 BPD Non-Exempt Employee of the Year.


Amber Geffon

As supervisor of the PRR Unit, Amber is a strong advocate for her team and has pursued long-term initiatives to improve services and create efficiencies. She has been working to develop document retention standards and explore technology solutions for managing time-consuming manual processes and records request workflows. Amber has also sought professional development training opportunities for her team to expand their skillsets and knowledge. For these reasons, Amber Geffon has been voted the 2022 Boise Police Department Exempt Employee of the Year.



Stephanie Kendall

As the Police Support Services Manager, Stephanie oversees several units to include Police Records, Public Record Requests, Transcription and the Strategic Services Team. In addition to her supervisory duties, she also is our department's IT liaison and manages multiple technology projects.

This last year she served as one of the primary leads for the roll-out project of new Body cameras and Tasers. This was a time-intensive project and she has played an instrumental role in its success. For these reasons, Stephanie Kendall has been voted the 2022 Boise Police Department Senior Manager of the Year.


Corporal Cody Evans

In his NCO assignment, Cody is known for his hard work, tenacity and willingness to offer help to others wherever needed.  He has investigated countless neighborhood complaints from noise to drug activity.  His investigations have successfully removed several pounds of narcotics from the streets of Boise, as well as numerous firearms and stolen property.  Cody is also one of the driving forces in the highly successful LEAD program, pointing individuals to treatment and other community support resources to help mitigate and overcome addiction.


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