City of Boise Announces Orchard Sewer Upgrade Project

July 28, 2023

The City of Boise recently announced the Orchard Sewer Upgrade project, set to begin August 28. This proactive effort aims to replace the existing sewer lines beneath S. Orchard Street, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the city's infrastructure on a major travel corridor for years to come.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining a reliable and robust sewer system, the City of Boise has taken the initiative to replace this 60-year-old infrastructure with a pipe planned to last 100 years. This modern infrastructure is designed to withstand the test of time and serve the community effectively for generations.

The Orchard Sewer Upgrade project is anticipated to roll out quickly and conclude on November 3. The project will be implemented in stages, minimizing disruption to residents and businesses. Construction will maintain access to all properties and driveways throughout the project.

Construction will roll out on the following schedule:

  • August 28 – November 3: Partial closure (closed to general traffic but open to residents and businesses) of South Orchard Street from West Overland Road to West Camas Street.
  • September 4 - September 15: Full South Orchard Street closure from West Kootenai Street to West Camas Street, full closure of West Edson Street to South Pond Street.
  • September 18 - September 22: Full closure from West Clark Street to West Edson Street, full West Kootenai Street from South Orchard Street to South Hilton Street.
  • September 25 - October 6: Full South Orchard closure from H&R Block to West Kootenai Street, closure of West Clark Street from South Orchard Street to South Stanley Street. Albertsons Orchard/Clark entrance closed.
  • October 9 - October 20: Full South Orchard Street closure from West Overland Road to West Clark Street, lane closure on westbound Overland.
  • October 23 - October 27: Full northbound Orchard closure from West Hillcrest Drive to West Overland Road, lane closure of eastbound Overland.
  • October 30 - November 3: Full West Overland Road closure for eastbound traffic from South Phillippi Street to South Orchard Street.

The City of Boise appreciates the patience of local motorists as it works to improve the sewer system’s reliability and capacity and enhance the community’s overall well-being. To submit questions or comments to the Orchard Sewer Upgrade project team, email

Orchard Sewer Upgrade Replacement Construction Notice

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