Plastics Challenge

Plastic is everywhere - the amount of single-use plastics that we use is staggering, and thinking about giving it up can be overwhelming. We all try and do the right thing when it comes to living sustainably, but for many of us, sometimes convenience wins over conservation. For the month of July, we would like to challenge our community to use less single-use plastic.

The challenge lets you select which plastics you want to stop using to make the biggest impact in your own life. Challenge yourself - if you are already great at bringing your reusable bag to the store, pick something that you have to work at!


Plastic Use Today

Plastic Bag

Plastic bags account for over 11% of plastic waste. Americans, on average, use around 700 bags per year.


Straws account for 8% of plastic waste. Americans, on average, use about 580 plastic straws, per person, per year.

Plastic Water Bottles

Americans, on average, consume 100 million plastic water bottles per day. An individual will use about 156 plastic water bottles each year.

Take Away Containers

Take away containers account for 31% of plastic waste. About 269,000 tons of annual waste comes from plastic takeout containers, cutlery and cups.

All Single-Use Plastic

150 million tons of single-use plastics are generated each year in the US alone. Americans, on average, throw away about 185 pounds of plastic per year.

Business and Commercial Use

Almost 30% of plastic waste comes in some form of packaging, which is created and used in commercial operations.


Take the Challenge

To participate in the challenge, fill out the form below and commit to giving up one or all single-use plastics listed. You can also encourage your favorite local businesses to stop using straws, plastic takeaway containers and more.

Join the Conversation

Encourage friends and family to stop their use of single-use plastics and show how you're taking on the challenge by posting photos to your social handles and use #BoisePlasticsChallenge

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