Greenbelt Etiquette

The Boise Greenbelt is a unique attribute of the city where runners, walkers and cyclists alike can take advantage of. To ensure you and others have a safe and enjoyable experience, please observe the following when using the Greenbelt on your bike.

Safety Guidelines

  • Stay only on designated trails.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way at all times. Cyclists and in-line skaters must be aware of pedestrians.
  • All Greenbelt users should stay to the right and use caution under bridges and at blind corners where vision could be impaired.
  • Pedestrians should not walk more than two abreast.
  • Motorized vehicles and hoofed animals are prohibited. (Except for maintenance, patrol and vehicles for disabled visitors.)
  • Non-paved sections are restricted to foot traffic only.
  • Dogs are allowed only on a leash of 8 feet or less. Dog owners are responsible for picking up after their pets.
  • Cyclists and in-line skaters should maintain speeds safe for conditions.
  • A person passing other users must notify the users that they are passing—example: “Passing on your left.” The person has the responsibility to pass freely and clearly. It is also the responsibility of the passer not to hinder the approaching user.
  • Don’t harass or encroach on wildlife. Disturbing or collecting any vegetation or natural habitat along the Greenbelt is prohibited.

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