Climate Action

The City of Boise is taking bold steps to address climate change. We are committed to ensuring that Boise is a resilient city in the face of climate change. We believe it is critical that Boise works to mitigate climate impacts and innovate around the creation of a robust climate economy.

The Plan

The City of Boise is creating its first-ever climate action plan. We will craft solutions with the community, ensuring it is representative of our broad and diverse city and reflects the energy, transportation, economic and environmental values of residents and businesses.

While the development of a climate action plan will require considerable technical, data and policy analysis, it will also be built around a comprehensive community engagement effort. Working with a national expert, the climate action plan will exemplify Boise’s values and unique climate challenges and opportunities. The plan will emphasize health and equity for all Boiseans as a focal point for developed actions and will include an environmental justice and health equity baseline report.

The Team

To accelerate the development of the plan, Mayor McLean announced a Climate Action Division, embedded in the Public Works Department. The team will be tasked with coordinating and unifying ongoing climate efforts including Boise’s Energy Future, which commits the city to 100% clean electricity by 2035, strategic water resource planning, the Transportation Action Plan, waste reduction, open space, and a forthcoming goal around methane (natural gas) and geothermal energy in the city. Additionally, the team will be concentrated on aligning climate efforts across the city’s departments while developing and sharing climate data with the public to increase transparency.

The Background

In 2016, to prepare for future changes and enhance our resiliency, the City of Boise initiated the Boise Climate Adaptation Assessment. Researchers from the University of Idaho, Boise State University, and the Langdon Group, developed the assessment to provide an understanding of local climate impacts.

Boise Climate Adaptation Assessment

Read more about our current work and future efforts in the following priority areas.

Boise at night


Target: 100% clean electricity for municipal operations by 2030 and 100% citywide clean electricity by 2035

The City of Boise's current energy makeup consists of:

  • 50% Natural Gas
  • 48% Electricity
  • 2% Geothermal

The greenhouse gases in Boise are produced by:

  • 34% commercial and industry
  • 33% transportation
  • 30% residential
  • 2% solid waste
  • 1% wastewater

Current Action


Right beneath our feet is the nation’s largest direct-use geothermal utility.

Learn More

Explore city facilities powered by the sun.

Learn More
Net Zero Building

The state of Idaho’s first-ever net zero energy building serves a unique purpose.

Learn More
Boise's Energy Future

Our plan for 100% clean electricity by 2035.

Learn More

Waste Reduction

TARGET: Reduce per capita waste sent to the landfill

The current systems and processes within the city have:

  • 30,000 tons of compost collected last year
  • 40% of total waste was diverted from the landfill since 2015
  • 11,000 tons of recycled materials collected last year
  • 350 tons of hard-to-recycle plastics collected through the Hefty® EnergyBag™ program

Current Action


A robust effort for both businesses and residents to reduce waste.

Learn More

Citywide and sustainable – a truly local cycle.

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Plastics Challenge

Shifting the focus to the reduction of single-use plastics in our community.

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TARGET: Maximize water renewal in alignment with citizen feedback

To date, the city has accomplished the following:

  • Removed and beneficially reused 1,200 pounds of phosphorus
  • Captured 100% of biosolids through water renewal and used them as crop fertilizer
  • Cleaned and renewed 10 billion gallons of water annually

Current Action

Water Renewal Planning

Setting the strategic direction for how we get the most out of every drop.

Learn More
Pure Water Brew

Creating new delicious products out of our city’s used water.

Learn More
Water Renewal Services

The city utility that gives new life to used water.

Learn More
Dixie Drain

A precedent-setting project pioneering a new approach to water quality.

Learn More

Open and Green Space

TARGET: Protect and preserve green and open space in Boise

To date, the city has:

  • 12 reserves, totaling 5,000 acres, managed and owned by the City of Boise
  • 92 developed city parks

In 2001 and again in 2016, voters showed support for open space preservation, wildlife habitat, and outdoor recreational opportunities in the Boise Foothills by passing levies to raise over $20 million for this effort.

Current Action

Open Space

Protected properties for lasting conservation.

Learn More
Open Space & Clean Water Levy

Check out projects recommended for the preservation of open space and clean water improvement.

Learn More
Expansion of Hillside to Hollow Reserve

A new deal leads to a big win for the foothills.

Learn More
Boise Greenbelt Celebration

50 years of an iconic Boise gem that is treasured by all.

Learn More

Food Systems

TARGET: Increase local food production and security

Last year, the city was able to:

  • Harvest 2,260 pounds of produce from Boise Urban Garden School
  • Produce 50,000 tons of forage crops from biosolids generated through water renewal

To date, the city current has 6 community gardens and supports an additional 14 around the community.

Current Action

Boise Urban Garden School

An organic farm teaching the fundamentals of gardening.

Learn More
Spaulding Ranch

A first of its kind demonstration and production farm.

Learn More
Twenty Mile South Farm

Sustainably growing crops through the water renewal process.

Learn More


TARGET: Prioritize alternative transportation modes and achieve a 10% reduction of drive alone trips by 2029

In the City of Boise, you will find:

  • 43 electric vehicle charging stations at 22 different locations citywide
  • 35,560 trips completed on green bikes just in the last year, causing a reduction of 82,162 pounds of carbon emissions
  • 750 electric scooters and 153,000 miles in trips traveled so far
  • 10% of our municipal fleet are electric vehicles (EV)

Current Action

Keep Boise Moving

The city’s strategy for a diversified, innovative and achievable transportation system.

Learn More
Community Conversations on Transportation

Engaging Boiseans in a meaningful dialogue about the future of transportation.

Learn More
State Street Project

A plan to ease traffic and increase transit choices along the State Street corridor.

Learn More

Community in Action

TARGET: Continue to actively engage Boiseans for a better future

To date, the city has created and managed program that have:

  • First year of 18 Ambassadors and social media reach of over 102,000
  • Reach 58,000 people annually through environmental education
  • 72,000 volunteer hours committed to Parks and Recreation last year

Current Action

Livability Ambassadors

A new program with far reaching impact.

Learn More
Environmental Education

A diverse array of opportunities for kids and adults to learn about nature.

Learn More
Volunteer Opportunities

Be a part of helping make Boise the most livable city in the country.

Learn More
Giving Back

Boise Kind Day kicks off in a big way.

Learn More

While the current statistics are snapshots of progress made across the city, all aspects of Boise’s livability are interconnected. We measure the city’s livability through seven targeted goal areas which can be found here.

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