Climate Action Roadmap

Our community's plan for climate action.

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Boise's Climate Action Roadmap is our community’s plan for climate action. It will inform our community journey to being carbon neutral by 2050. The term “carbon neutral” refers to the removal, to the extent possible, of all human-caused greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the atmosphere through reduction and removal measures. This roadmap will help us enhance both our resilience and our ability to adapt to the changes our community will experience from climate change.


  • Carbon neutral city government by 2035
  • Carbon neutral community by 2050
  • Enhance community resilience

Guiding Principles

  • Improve health and wellness
  • Advance equity
  • Grow a climate economy

Research and Data

In 2000, the city began collecting data to develop a baseline of information to understand our current conditions to determine where we can take action in mitigating climate change.


Boiseans may be noticing differences in the Treasure Valley’s climate, much like current trends across the country and the world. These differences can impact the health, quality of life, and livelihoods of us all.

The city has identified specific climate-related impacts and hazards projected for our region:

  • Worsening air quality days
  • Increasing drought frequency
  • Hotter summer days
  • Earlier snow melt
  • Shifting seasonal water levels
  • Heavier precipitation days

Climate Priorities

Focusing our attention on seven climate action priorities will help address Boise’s most pressing climate action opportunities. Climate priorities advance Boise’s climate goals in various ways.

Buildings and Energy

This climate action priority focuses on reducing energy use in buildings by improving energy efficiency in existing buildings and new construction. It also focuses on supplying buildings with emissions-free energy sources, including those supplied by Idaho Power as well as locally produced energy sources such as solar and expanded geothermal.


This climate action priority focuses on reducing the need for vehicle trips and on shortening vehicle trip distances. It also elevates walking, bicycling, public transit, telecommuting and carpooling as convenient and emissions-reducing mobility options. Finally, this priority emphasizes widespread adoption of electric and fuel-efficient vehicles and improving air and freight efficiency.

Consumption and Waste

This climate action priority focuses on reducing total waste generated as a primary focus. A secondary focus is material recovery and reuse to divert waste from the landfill. Ultimately, these efforts could help Boise shift from a paradigm in which waste is a problem to be managed, to a circular economy in which resources are kept in use as long as possible and then recovered and regenerated at the end of their life. This shift would support job and business creation and growth.

Food Systems

This climate action priority focuses on expanding local food security and growing all facets of the food-related economy, to reduce climate impacts from the food system and increase access to healthy, affordable and climate-friendly foods. The action also emphasizes agriculture and land management practices as important elements of community resilience.

Natural Environment

This climate action priority elevates the role of the tree canopy in reducing urban heat island impacts. It also focuses on strengthening ecological systems and processes essential in helping Boise to be resilient to climate change risks and impacts. Finally, it focuses on open and green spaces, reinforcing their important roles in supporting community and environmental health.


The City of Boise is facing many challenges to the availability and resiliency of its water supplies, including growth and climate change. This climate priority emphasizes water conservation as a primary focus to reduce water demand. It also stresses an integrated water management approach to address water supply, water quality and stormwater management in the context of a changing climate.

Innovation and Engagement

The opportunities in this climate priority focus on creating the necessary change-management strategy to become carbon neutral community-wide. They emphasize building and investing with the future in mind, and ongoing climate change education, outreach and communications. The opportunities also elevate the city’s role in advocacy and innovation to achieve Boise’s climate goals.

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Boise's Climate Action Roadmap

The recently developed Climate Action Roadmap provides a clear path forward to reaching carbon neutrality. The roadmap focuses on both cutting greenhouse gas emissions and building resiliency so our city can adapt to climate changes in our region. We invite you to download the Roadmap and learn more about how, as a community, we will take climate action and be a national climate leader.

Download Boise's Climate Action Roadmap (PDF)

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