Boise, Idaho delivers because it has a perfect mix of amenities and resources. And we intentionally cultivate this business environment so it benefits everyone. From work to play and everything in between, Boise competes. Our economic development efforts are focused on sustainable infrastructure, partnerships and decisions that protect and preserve the values that drive our vibrant economy and our singular lifestyle.

Boise Is Built For Business

Energy Costs

Lowest Energy Costs for Medium Commercial Industry.

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Tax Reimbursement Incentive

Put Idaho’s game-changing tax incentive to work for you.

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Adding new Boise jobs and need training? We can help you with that.

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Boise airport

Transportation Infrastructure

On the Move - People, Products and Progress


The level of air freight service at Boise Airport is unmatched by any city of similar size, with both FedEx and UPS, as well as Western Air Express providing air cargo services. Monthly statistics available here.


Boise Valley Railroad, operated by Watco, has 36 miles of track to meet your freight needs and connects to the Union Pacific line. The City of Boise is currently seeking developers for a rail-oriented facility. Learn more here.


I-84 is the major interstate connecting Boise to the Northwest. Easy access to the interstate and numerous ground shipping companies will help move your products into and out of Boise.

Continuing Improvements

With over 150 years of effective transformation behind us, Boise is focused on next-generation improvements that will preserve livability while enabling new development and enrichment initiatives to thrive.


From Boise’s downtown core, with the new Main Street Station transportation hub, to continuous improvement of parking as well as commuter and supply chain routes in and around the city, we’re applying grants, private capitol and other funding to transform our community for efficient use and economic sustainability.

Internet Connectivity

Knowing that high-speeds connections to the cloud add a world of valuable business connections has led Boise to invest in a high-speed fiber backbone to serve our growing segment of high-tech businesses.

Code School

Trailhead is home to Boise’s first Code School. This 3-month, full stack, immersive training will help to meet the growing demand of Boise’s flourishing tech community, and provide opportunities for all citizens to take part in this section of the economy’s growth.

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