West End

Energize Our Neighborhoods has selected the West End for its upcoming projects.

Visioning Events

A visioning event brings neighborhood residents together to develop a shared vision for where they live, work and play. No idea is too big or small; the goal is to think creatively and passionately about future investments that support the group's shared vision.

Throughout 2018, stakeholders had multiple opportunities to provide their feedback.  Using an online survey and in-person events, a total of 10 visioning events were held, with 189 total participants providing their feedback about neighborhood projects.

In 2019, stakeholders were invited to an open house event and provided a mail-in voting option to prioritize neighborhood projects and will begin collaborating to implement those projects.


Thank you to everyone who attended the Open House or mailed in your postcard. A total of 106 votes were received, and Energize will begin moving forward on the two projects that received the most votes:

Pedestrian / Bicycle Crossing | Focus Area: Transportation

This project will be on 23rd between Pleasanton Avenue and Bannock Street. It was selected based upon the following feedback:

  • Better connectivity and safe access to amenities, like parks
  • More pedestrian and bike-friendly
  • Safer crossings on busy streets

Water Feature | Focus Area: Healthy Communities

This project will be at Garfield Elementary. It was selected based upon the following feedback:

  • Park improvements and amenities
  • More park water features

If you are interested in being involved in either of these projects, please fill out the form below.


Past Neighborhood Investment Projects

Neighborhood Investment Program projects in the area:

  • Madison Early Childhood Center Inscribed Entrance Border - 2002
  • ADA Accessible Dock at Quinn's Pond - 2005 & 2006
  • "Water Chute" in the 30th Street Roundabout - 2013
  • Swim Bouys at Quinn's Pond - 2014
  • Whittier Art Boundary Project - 2014
  • Fairview Park Improvements - 2016
  • Bike Racks at Esther Simplot Park - 2017

West End Neighborhood Association

Learn more about the Neighborhood Association, board members, current activities, and upcoming events. 

Additional Resources

West End Area Map (PDF)


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