Community Asset Mapping

Asset mapping helps you identify the resources and strengths within your neighborhood or community. Assets may include expertise, networks or relationships

What Are Neighborhood Assets?

Think of them as the resources and strengths within your neighborhood or community. These include organizations/associations, businesses, institutions, cultural groups, physical spaces, local services, transportation, expertise/skills, networks and relationships. They are anything that improves the quality of the community.

Best Practices

Break down the process into a few steps:

  1. Define boundaries
  2. Define asset categories and goals for mapping
  3. Have as many residents or business owners as possible complete a mapping worksheet. This can be done in meetings and also through surveys to cast a wider net and capture more input
  4. Compare and compile a final list
  5. Map the assets
    • Create a digital map. Google is a great option, allowing you to save all the points and color-code categories, etc. This can be shared and accessible to unlimited people
    • Paper map. Search for a neighborhood map online to order or print
  6. Create working groups to tackle each category:
    • Walk sections of the neighborhood to ensure the list is as comprehensive as possible
    • Gather contact information for each asset (Excel is great for collecting/organizing data)
    • Decide who will make contact with assets based on personal connections, skillsets, preferences, needs, etc.
    • Cultivate relationships and partnerships


Example Worksheet (PDF)


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