Good Neighbor Awards

Good neighbors make great neighborhoods and great neighborhoods are the foundation of Boise’s success.
Mayor David Bieter

2019 Mayor's Awards to Good Neighbors

The 2019 Mayor’s Awards to Good Neighbors will be presented during a ceremony held the evening of Friday, September 27.

The annual awards honor residents, businesses and organizations that exemplify how good neighbors improve and enhance our community. Awardees are nominated by their neighbors for going out of their way to help those around them. Join us in congratulating the 2019 Good Neighbors.

Individual Nominations

Adria Hamm
Nominated by: Kelci Lucier

The Girl Scout Promise reads: "On my honor, I will try: to serve God and my country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law." Adria Hamm has been the leader of our Daisy Troop, and now our Brownie Troop, for 2 years. We are just starting our 3rd year with her at the helm. Adria’s ability to live and model the Girl Scout Promise is truly remarkable. Not only does she lead our meetings with love, grace, and kindness, but she helps the girls discover and grow these same qualities in themselves. In addition to being a mom and wife, she also has been room parent and art parent at Washington Elementary and built up her own career in the real estate industry. She is a wonderful role model for all of us, but especially our Brownies, on how to pursue the things you love and are good at while still helping your neighbors and community. Adria is kind, giving, patient, smart, funny, and just plain lovable. She is much beloved by our Troop and we want to recognize her tonight for all she does. Xoxo, The Girls and Families of Troop 450.

Alice Whitford
Nominated by: Todd Kurowski

Alice has lived in Sunset Neighborhood for 27 years and has raised the bar of inclusivity to a high level. Even while raising her daughter with Cerebral Palsy (CP), she has and continues to make time to connect and make a difference in our community. Alice founded the Collister Library Book Club, attends Collister Chats, is active with Sunset Neighborhood meetings and events. Additionally, she can be spotted in all parts of the neighborhood sharing her time and charm with neighbors of all ages, whether with old friends or making new friends. An enigma of sorts: very shy in many regards yet she is outgoing to an infectious degree. Her fascination with the beauty of nature and all growing things moves her to share her insights with all others. Her joyful, boisterous laughter blends with her artistic view of those simple and fantastic wonders that surround us we often miss, results in her connecting with so many. Whether on foot or bicycling around the neighborhood Alice’s presence is easily experienced. She is a joy to share our neighborhood with. She is a good friend, mentor and especially a good neighbor.

Alison McCall
Nominated by: Renee Bade

Alison McCall epitomizes what you look for in a neighbor. From her friendly and outgoing demeanor, to her willingness to help out anyone in the neighborhood. We have been fortunate to be her neighbor for more than 12 years, and in that time she has gone above and beyond as a neighbor. Recently our beloved dog passed away and she and her 4 year old son made us a beautiful picture of him passing over the rainbow bridge and some cookies. While a simple act, it meant the world to us in recognizing our lost family member. This is just one of the many kind and meaningful gestures she has made in the last 12 years. Alison is always willing to help out a neighbor, whether it be watering their plants while they are out of town or setting up playdates with the neighborhood kids. These many small gestures add up to make her an outstanding neighbor in recognition of this award.

Amy Holmes
Nominated by: Meredith Stead

Amy rocks! She has a pool in her backyard and she regularly invites the neighbors over for "open pool" hours. She works hard to create community in her 'hood by welcoming every neighbor kid into her yard, feeding, and watching after them.

Cam Schuchardt
Nominated by: Denise Hapner

I would like to nominate Cam for the good neighbor award. My son was immediately drawn to Cam and his friendly personality. As I got to see Cam more, I realized that he was behind so many of the wonderful things done in the Highlands. Beside Cam’s house is the back entrance to the Highlands elementary school. It is a large path that all the school kids use, all the dog walkers, all the attendees for sports events played on the field, not to mention all kids that just love to play there. Cam works very hard cleaning up the path to make sure it’s always ready to be used. In the winter, he’s out there before school started so the snow was shoveled and salt was down. He always did this again right before school was let out. I greatly appreciate his efforts to keep us all safe and especially my little kindergartener. Cam is also the one who empties all the trash cans by our picnic tables and the dog poop containers, then supplies us with new clean bags and lids when they break. With all the construction at Highlands, Cam is effectively keeping some of the yard maintained and watered for everyone in the neighborhood and our pets to use. My life and my families have been truly touched and grateful for all that Cam does for our neighborhood.

Caroline and Kyle Davis
Nominated by: Marya Bruning

In February 2019, my husband Josh and I moved into the East End and were immediately welcomed by our new neighbors, Caroline and Kyle, with friendly introductions, a bouquet of fresh flowers, and a growler of our favorite beer. When Josh had a heart attack and collapsed in the yard in early June, Caroline was the first person on the scene and started CPR while Kyle called 911. Though we are new neighbors, Caroline and Kyle have been a remarkably steady and loving presence in the aftermath of Josh's death. They are the epitome of what it means to be good neighbors; I will be forever grateful for their kindness.

Cay Marquart
Nominated by: Erin Sorensen

Cay Marquart and her husband donated the land at 10000 Shields Avenue in Boise so that a low-income housing development could be built by LEAP Charities. Cay is a humble local hero.

Charlene and Juan Landin
Nominated by: Bonnie Hardey

Charlene and Juan support their community through hosting High Noon Teas which gets people out of their homes and establishes a support base for many people that have needs such as helping with their medication set up trays, being available for a phone chat, making trips to the store for people and offering information on what is available for people with limited incomes. Charlene provides all the homemade treats for the Tea Party. The community as a whole benefits from offering their yard as a meeting place for the Neighborhood Association, block party gatherings and meetings, providing the grill, umbrellas and drinks to everyone that attends. Both she and her husband Juan are proxy grandparents to three little girls that live next door to them and who are being raised by a single working parent. The girls visit the Landin's home and get their fill of hugs and good conversation and of course, a treat or two. Charlene and Juan Landin are special people that give willingly to those who need a visit, advice, emotional support and a good friend. They are the perfect example of what a "Good neighbor" is all about.

Courtney Santillan
Nominated by: Amy Jones

Courtney saw an opportunity to bring her neighbors together in a fun atmosphere to share food, drinks and games. She has worked tirelessly to create a neighborhood gathering place in Harris Ranch, spending her own time and money on toys and games for the kids, connecting neighborhood volunteers to spread rock and turf, coordinating food trucks and activities, getting up before taking her kids to school to clean up after storms, and showing up every day with a smile on her face to greet her neighbors. This has been a wonderful and welcome addition to east Boise and it's all thanks to Courtney's tenacity and desire to help her community. I could not be more proud to call her a neighbor!

Heidi Marotz
Nominated by: Theodore Marconi

Heidi is a person of energy and enthusiasm. She walks her dog 'Ruby Tuesday' in the neighborhood a couple times a day and she and the dog bring positive energy and a friendly hello to everyone they meet on the way. Heidi has been an enthusiastic "welcomer" to people in the neighborhood. She goes out of her way to introduce herself to people and to even bring them treats or home baked goods as they are moving in. She promotes the local businesses in the neighborhood and highlights them on her social media feed. Heidi is a "good neighbor" to anyone and everyone, no matter their circumstance or state in life. Our neighborhood is a more friendly place because of Heidi.

Jacob Black
Nominated by: Jimmy Hallyburton

Jake Black and the team he's created at Lost Grove Brewing truly know what it means to be a Good Neighbor. As a business owner and member of the Lusk Street Neighborhood Association, Jake took it upon himself to host a neighborhood-wide block party and fundraiser for dozens of local nonprofits during Idaho Gives. The event drew 1000s of attendees that benefited local businesses, raised $1000s for nonprofits, and helped establish place and community in the newer Lusk Street neighborhood. Jake displays this same commitment to being a good neighbor 365 days of the year. He consistently offers his space to nonprofits for free, plays a central role in bringing Boise Goathead Fest to fruition each year, has expanded the annual amount of holiday kids bicycles BBP is able to donate, and is the first to jump into any community-building opportunity. Jake is good neighbor, as good as they come, and neighborhoods across Boise are brighter for his commitment to caring.

Jayne Teske
Nominated by: Denise Hapner

I would like to nominate Jayne Teske for the good neighbor award. When I moved into my house several years ago, Jayne came over to provid a warm welcome and a sweet gift, which has never stopped. Jayne is always working hard for our neighborhood and always giving. On trash and recycling days I will always see Jayne rushing out to provide water or drinks for the drivers. Jayne and her husband Bill provide so much clean up, and are always sprucing up the Arbs behind our homes. Not to mention she is the block captain for the neighborhood watch that was just created. Jayne has worked hard collecting all the data and passing out these wonderful neighborhood directories for all to enjoy. Jayne was part of the creation of the highland picnic party and is always keeping the neighborhood connected and safe. Jayne is always putting out poop bags behind her home for anyone to use at the Highlands Elementary. If their is an activity in the Highlands, Jayne Is there to help out. From stuffing Easter eggs, providing valentine sweets, or using her teaching skills to help the kids in our area. I am honored and thankful to have Jayne and Bill as my neighbors. They truly inspire me and my family.

Jes Taylor
Nominated by: Shanna White

If only this woman's awesome character could be contained in 200 words or less. I've watched this single mom for the past year offer help to any and all neighbors she comes into contact with. I wish every neighbor would take a tip out of her guidebook. She is the toughest, kindest woman I know. She will literally give you the shirt off of her back without ever thinking twice. You can tell that she wants everyone around her to succeed and if it's within her power to make your day a little better, she will bring you that cup of coffee, find that special song or listen to your grievances with the world while just caring about you. She lights up every space she is in and she does this all by herself while mothering three incredible kids and passing her kindness and generosity on to them. She is driven by an unquenchable sense of curiosity and kindness. I only learned about this award moments ago when I came to the site looking for activities for my toddler but I immediately knew exactly who to nominate. Bringing attention to her kind of awesome is exactly the precedent our city needs.

Jesus Tarifa and Michelle Wooten
Nominated by: Lauren Swantko

Jesus and Michelle are goals. In every way. They are very active in the community, between volunteering, Junior Achievement, Idaho Latino Scholarship Foundation, involvement in non-profits, and balancing their full social calendar, they always remain impressive! Jesus is one of the best. He is always so positive in attitude and cares very much about the community. He is a ball of energy that doesn’t quit until the job is done. Michelle is a boss and her care for Boise is evident in all her roles. These two wonderfully positive people deserve recognition, and trust me, I am not the only one who feels this. To Michelle and Jesus!

Jon Swarthout with TRICA
Nominated by: Robert Saxton

I have known Jon for over 30 years and have not met anyone else with his level of kindness, generosity and the absolute goodness for all people. Jon loves the arts and he also loves children. What Jon is doing with TRICA is giving so many the opportunity to express themselves through arts and culture. Thank you for allowing me to nominate Jon Swarthout.

Karen Simonds
Nominated by: Kate Simonds

Karen Balasek Simonds is truly a force of kindness to be reckoned with. She is a Boise School District elementary school teacher of 28 years; she is the kind of educator that goes above and beyond for her students, one that they remember for the rest of their lives and introduce their future spouses and children to. Even after nearly 30 years in teaching, she still strives to better herself in her profession and regularly attends workshops and conventions to not only stay up to date, but to be on the cutting edge of education and give her students the best learning experience she can. Karen is a humanitarian through and through; she organizes soccer teams for Boise's beloved child refugee population– she fundraises for their teams, drives the players to and from practice twice a week, gathers donated cleats and shinguards, never misses a game, and always brings the beloved Gatorade. She also volunteers regularly as a One Stone coach to help spread student voices across the Treasure Valley. Karen lost her husband to cancer four years ago, and now volunteers as a hospice worker– using her painful experience to make other families' lives better. Last year, when her hometown of Paradise, California burned to the ground in the 2018 Camp Fires, Karen did not wallow in grief– she bought a plane ticket, organized a gift card and materials donation drive here in Boise, strapped up her big boots, and flew out to help her community. She is one who empowers and advocates for equal opportunity. She is the world's best mom, neighbor, and friend. She will never pass a piece of litter without picking it up. Karen Balasek Simonds is beloved by all, and personifies the Boise Kindness that makes our city so special.

Kate Doty
Nominated by: Jessica Steiger

Kate has been such a great neighbor. She is always willing to help and when my husband became ill she stepped up and mowed our lawn for us several times. She is passionate about our small subdivision and spoke up for the smaller voices that were not being heard at our annual HOA meeting. As a teacher in Boise, I feel she is a strong pillar of the community and exemplifies the City of Boise's mission statement.

Larry Bowling
Nominated by: Dick and Mary Lou Kinney

Larry is a “great neighbor.” As a member of the Harris Ranch Homeowners board of directors for several years, he volunteers many hours of his time answering people’s questions, sorting out and solving problems, offering suggestions on how we can maintain our yards, and ensuring our common areas are kept up. Larry is a naturally kind, genuinely caring person. He has a super sense of humor, and his sweet Louisiana twang just cheers you up. Many neighbors look forward to his daily greetings! Larry often comes to the aid of our neighbors with medical issues and even bought a set of new tires for a neighbor in need. We at Harris Ranch, especially those of us living in Spring Creek, all feel very lucky to have Larry Bowling as our neighbor.

Laurie Zuckerman
Nominated by: Todd Fischer

Laurie is passionate about our shared planet. In addition to her educational efforts on how to reduce our carbon footprint, Laurie recruits volunteers to actually do something about climate change. Laurie teams with Boise Parks and Rec matching volunteer civic organizations, like Rotary, to plant trees and restore natural ecosystems. Laurie’s efforts involve identifying where trees and other greenery are needed, what types of plants are appropriate, raising funds to buy the trees, getting all the required supplies, recruiting volunteers to do the actual planting, then following up and making sure the new seedlings are watered and have a chance to grow. Laurie is beautifying our city, engaging Boise citizens to get involved and make a difference, and sharing her love of this Earth in a personal way. Laurie’s efforts will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Linda Paul
Nominated by: Elizabeth Barnes

Linda works tirelessly behind the scenes to create a wonderful neighborhood. As Secretary and treasurer of South Boise Village Neighborhood Association, Linda is willing to take on more than her fair share of work. This year Linda started a newsletter. She spends hours writing and editing articles about our neighborhood. This newsletter has helped our neighborhood form an identity and feel more like a shared community. Linda doesn't ever ask to be in the spotlight, but when you need something done like: sitting outside of polling booths or endlessly knocking on doors, Linda is the first to vounteer and the last to go home. The work Linda does is of the highest quality. From organizing Rake-up-Boise to writing grants for traffic box art, Linda is always finding ways to make our neighborhood a place we want to call home!

Maria Williams
Nominated by: Robyn Mattison

Maria is our neighbor and is also our youngest daughter’s pre-school teacher. Prior to that she taught our older daughters during summer camp. Maria teaches because she loves kids, not for the money. Our girls love Ms. Maria and were elated to find out that she lives up the street from us. On Easter, Maria leaves us Easter baskets with goodies. Our girls love swimming in her pool. On Halloween, visiting Ms. Maria’s house is always the highlight of the night. Earlier this year a tragedy struck our family. My husband fell very ill. He was air-lifted to a hospital in Utah where he spent 3.5 months undergoing many surgeries and treatments. The first month was the most difficult. I left my job and family to be by his side. Luckily, we have family locally who were able to move into our house and care for our 4, 6 and 7 year old girls. During that time, Maria went above and beyond helping our family. She dropped off meals and drove our daughter to pre-school and back every day. These acts of kindness were appreciated beyond measure. Maria is not just a good neighbor, she’s the best neighbor anyone could ask for.

Mark Jensen Sr.
Nominated by: Michelle Doane

Mark's Facebook tag says it all "I am the guy who will help anyone with anything if I can." And it is so true. Mark is an icon in our neighborhood. Mark has lived in our neighborhood for over 20 years and he interacts with so many people. He has served with the Boy Scouts of America for at least 15 years and has been a member of the sunset neighborhood association board since 2013. Even though Mark has health challenges, he is always eager to help. While serving on the board he has participated in many community activities like National Night Out, our annual pumpkin carving contest and serving on our transportation and neighborhood plan committees. As a result of a personal injury from a bicycle accident, he is an advocate for bike safety, often talking to children about the importance of helmets. He works to create a safe neighborhood through knowing our neighbors and engaging people. In general he believes in and encourages growing our community and the importance of knowing your neighbors. With Mark, our neighborhood is a better place.

Mark Manning
Nominated by: Robert Hanson

I am 82 years old & handicapped. Mark performs tasks which are too difficult for me. He also solves & fixes a variety of problem situations. He curbs & returns my trash from inside the garage. In the winter he removes snow from my double driveway and corner lot sidewalk. Life's much easier with Mark as a neighbor.

Matt Ciranni
Nominated by: Eric Willadsen and Katy Decker

Matt Ciranni has volunteered his time as a neighborhood association leader for many years, and has recently taken on the task of re-building a neighborhood association from scratch, as the sole Board Member remaining in the VPNA after the split with the newly formed West End neighborhood Association in 2017. Matt built a new board in 2018 and pushed us to host a neighborhood event in our first year. This recently culminated in a potluck which saw nearly 60 people there from across our neighborhood, with new plans to further connect the neighborhood. Active neighborhood associations have profound positive effects on their area of service, such as significant reduction in crime. For this, we are so grateful that Matt Ciranni continued his good work on VPNA to help rebuild the neighborhood association, and a sense of connectiveness in the area. We as a board are slowly trying to expand our role in the community and individual roles as board members to take some of the load off Matt, but we can't thank him enough for bringing the institutional knowledge and carrying the VPNA during this transition period!

Michelle Weickum
Nominated by: Chelsey Melby

Michelle is a model of what Boise is. She is so full of love for everyone she meets and is constantly seeking ways to show her love for the people of our great city. She gives her time by serving on the board for hemophila, she volunteers for the agency for new americans, and hosts after school programs for kids where she teaches them how to sew, or play chess. I have been inspired by Michelle to be involved in my community and she always has clever ideas on ways to be involved and share the Boise spirit with others! She exemplifies Boise's mission of building vibrant communities! She defines what makes me proud to be a part of Team Boise.

Millie Reddig
Nominated by: Pamela Williams

Millie is simply amazing. She works tirelessly to make our community more compassionate towards our feline residents, helping both cats and those who care for them. Motivated solely by concern and at her own expense, she has caught and fixed hundreds of community cats — cats who, due to neglect or abandonment, are forced to scrape out a living on their own. But forlorn and forgotten cats are not the only beneficiaries of Millie’s unrelenting advocacy. People get swept up in her good works, too. She once convinced a plumber to donate emergency repairs to a very low-income family who coincidentally needed help with a pet cat. Stories like this abound in Millie’s personal history. But problem-solving and effectiveness are not her only talents. An accomplished artist, Millie has donated many paintings for charity auctions and recently designed the Idaho pet-friendly license plate. She is truly a Boise jewel — a woman with a huge heart who is a priceless asset and enormous contributor to our community.

Quintin Wilson
Nominated by: Jason Durand

For his willingness to speak up for his neighborhood, offering up a different perspective on the built environment than what is most commonly heard, I would like to nominate Quintin Wilson for the Good Neighbor Award. Quintin testified late into the evening on a school night at the August 14 ACHD commission meeting regarding the 27th street road diet, and how that road has affected his experience.

Saeed Al-Azzawi
Nominated by: Lisa Jarussi-Smith

Saeed exemplifies being a good neighbor through his thoughts, words and actions. Although I don’t live next door to him, I do have the good fortune to work alongside him. Saeed consistently greets everyone with the warmest of smiles and with a twinkle in his eye. He lives life fully in the present moment and with an enormous amount of gratitude. He moved to Boise from Baghdad Iraq. (In fact you can learn more about his story on YouTube . He has a video posted “From Baghdad to Boise”) Saeed will tell you every day is a beautiful day because we are alive. He is cheerful, helpful and kind. He has been known to help people “jump” their car because of a dead battery, he helps carry heavy loads for people, he refers to every child as “so beautiful.” His positive spirit is so strong that he radiates happiness everywhere he goes. We co-workers enjoy the special pieces of candy from Iraq that he often leaves on our desk without a note, as we always know it’s from him. He is our good neighbor in downtown Boise.

Tara Wright
Nominated by: Colleen Parker

Tara is the epitome of what you want in a neighbor. She goes out of her way EVERY SINGLE DAY to make our community a better place. She has a "joy project" on her back porch, and a hand made Welcome sign on her front porch... and she really means it. She is our neighborhood good citizen and makes all of us feel loved, welcomed, and cared for with her unending kindness. We are so lucky to have her!

Tecle Gebremicheal
Nominated by: Abdi Nour

Tecle is one the greatest people I have ever met. He is so friendly and always up to help anyone in need. He is, in a way, the back bone for the Ethiopian community because he is always called upon to help with many different things, such as translating, transportation and many, many more. He is running for city council to better help and build the city we all love and cherish.

Business Nominations

Boise Spectrum - Bill Gage
Nominated by: Kathy Corless, Marian L. Herz, and Phillip VanSickle

The members of the South Cole Neighborhood Association would like to thank Boise Spectrum and Bill Gage for hosting our organization for the National Night Out on August 6th, 2019. Bill welcomed us into the Boise Spectrum at no cost to us. We were allowed full use of the market area, with tables and posters set up. The event turned out very well and was well received by all the attendees, local businesses and organizations in attendance. With their partnership with South Cole NA, we were able to provide not just a great location but an event for our local community and we would not have been able to have this gathering without his support. 

DC Construction & Treasure Valley Fence Panels - Curtis
Nominated by: Alexis Nink

DC Construction and Treasure Valley Fence Panels reached out to a school in need and made a huge difference! When Curtis came out to Peace Valley Charter School to provide an estimate on rebuilding some old fences, he didn't see dollar signs. He saw parents and teachers who were pulling together to create a beautiful campus out of a rundown old office park, and he wanted to help. Instead of giving an estimate, he gathered leftover and reused fence panels from other projects. He brought out a crew of hardworking and big-hearted builders. In record time, they replaced the fence, built new ones, built gates, and kept giving their time and materials. Their in-kind donations were worth thousands of dollars and invaluable to a new school with a tight budget. On top of that, we were amazed -- but not surprised -- to learn about a shoe drive they were holding for school children in need. These 2 companies collected hundreds of new shoes, and one day in August held a daylong festival with free food and entertainment and gave away those shoes to students throughout the Valley. DC Construction & Treasure Valley Fence Panels are truly a treasure to our city.

Humpin' Hannah's
Nominated by: Hobby

I am a brown person. At Hannah’s, I have never ever felt like a stranger. Not by any of the staff or the kind Boisean people that come there. They are very Good Neighbors, and deserve this award.

Interfaith Sanctuary
Nominated by: Anika Garcia, Billy Carroll, Ernest Garcia, Luther Pugh, and Maranda Jay

Interfaith not only provides emergency shelter but works to get the homeless back to work and living on their own in a successful way. Interfaith Sanctuary is a kind and compassionate shelter providing services for the vulnerable homeless population in Boise. They provide more than just a place to sleep, but also offer support and assistance in overcoming barriers and breaking through homelessness and the many needs that go along with it. The staff are dedicated, caring, and passionate about the work they do. They are self-less and give their time and affection to see the success of the homeless population in our community. Sometimes it can be a thankless position but we still keep coming back.

MVMNT Fitness Center
Nominated by: Alida

This gym builds a community on the Bench. No one is turned away because of finances or lifestyle. The coaches care about Boise and this neighborhood. They give back everyday and are models for how good neighbors should be. They care, they learn their clients' stories, and they build everyone up. Kindness and compassion are evident in their everyday actions toward others. People coming here bring their families and pets and are seen hanging out before and after workouts because of the supportive community here. They built a neighborhood here. Zach Hale and Richard Cabigon are role models for Boise businesses.

North Morris Hill Apartments - Dolores Totorica, Phyllis Meinhardt, and the Tate Family
Nominated by: Bette Hovey

Morris Hill Apartments is a new development in the Liberty Park Neighborhood. The apartment homes are owned and managed by three families who saw the need for homes for special need young adults. The managers are Phyllis Meinhardt, Dolores Totorica and the Tate Family. These three families maintain the overall care of the property while residents decorate and care for plants nearest their home. There are eleven units on the neatly-kept grounds. Three designated areas have patios with umbrella-covered tables used for community and family gatherings. Parking is covered and the group has a central recreation room. Anyone would be proud to live in this development. These "good neighbors" give us incentive to keep our homes neat and tidy, homey and lovely.

2018 Recipient BAM's Bakery

What Makes a Good Neighbor

While the Mayor’s Awards to Good Neighbors have been presented for several years, Mayor Bieter noted that past recipients embody the spirit of Boise Kind, the city’s community-wide effort to ensure Boise’s core values remain at the forefront of our mind as our city grows and thrives.

“Boiseans, by nature, are kind and welcoming, but we all know that there are those who go the extra mile to help their neighbors,” said Boise Mayor David Bieter. “We want to hear about them so we can celebrate their contributions making Boise such a great place to call home – and how their spirit embodies Boise Kind.”

The awards are part of the city’s Energize Our Neighborhoods community collaboration to make all Boise neighborhoods unique and desirable. The Good Neighbor Awards will be part of a series of events and activities sponsored by Energize Our Neighborhoods for the second annual Neighborhood Month in September.

Attendees will have an opportunity to learn about the projects being led by residents throughout Boise and the resources available through the Energize Our Neighborhoods program. Immediately following, Mayor Bieter will present the Good Neighbor Awards.

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