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Site Development

Aerial view of State Street and Arthur Streets

Our Vision for State & Arthur

State & Arthur will be a quality-designed multi-family apartment building focused on providing affordable housing options for members of our community. It will include an “active” first floor design which could include a variety of neighborhood serving uses, such as a coffee shop or recreational facility. This outreach process will help inform the Request for Proposals the city will use to find a development partner for the project. This site will be part of the city’s Housing Land Trust.

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Request for Proposals

The City of Boise accepted proposals for site development from April 15 - May 17, 2021. Proposals received are currently being reviewed.

What is a Housing Land Trust?

The Housing Land Trust leverages city-owned property to create housing for residents at all income levels and ensure that it remains affordable into the future.

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Franklin & Orchard
The first Housing Land Trust development at Franklin & Orchard is anticipated to begin construction in Fall 2021. The project will feature a mix of housing types for a range of household incomes and is intended to grow with the neighborhood as a future Community Activity Center.

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Image demonstrating the difference between the land and the building in a housing land trust

State Street as a Gateway

State Street is a strong connection point for many of our residents. Its proximity to transit, bike paths and pedestrian amenities make it a great investment as we make it easier for residents to bus, bike, walk and connect to opportunities in our community.

While some improvements to this important corridor, along Collister Drive and Veterans Memorial Parkways, have been made, with the input of community members, the City of Boise is exploring mixed-use development, improved bicycle and pedestrian connection points, as well as bus rapid transit.

Continuing to build upon the long-term vision established for the corridor through previous plans, there are several guiding documents that focus on how to integrate and implement mixed-use development at the major stations along the corridor and improve pedestrian and bicycle connections between stations and adjacent neighborhoods. (From the State Street Corridor Transit Oriented Development Plan, 2019).

Veterans Park Policy Guide

In addition to plans guiding the development of transportation along State Street, the Veterans Park Policy Guide provides recommendations regarding land use, housing and other topics.

Adopted in 1992, the Veterans Park Neighborhood Policy Guide became part of Boise’s comprehensive plan. This Policy Guide outlined three main goals:

  1. To preserve the residential character of the neighborhood, and encourage future development which will recognize its unique amenities and natural features and be consistent with that character; encouraging appropriate infill development and encouraging growth in adjacent areas without negatively impacting the existing neighborhood.
  2. To meet the service needs of residents of the Veterans Park Neighborhood for commercial facilities while reducing negative impacts from these types of uses on adjacent residential areas.
  3. To recognize State Street’s importance as a gateway to the City of Boise and encourage development appropriate to project a positive image of the city and the neighborhood.

Veterans Park Neighborhood Plan (PDF)

state and arthur site development sign
Banner posted at the State & Arthur site.

Community Engagement

The city conducted a survey from March 1-21 to collect feedback from the community about the design of the State & Arthur site. The survey results and a summary of the feedback are available here.

Outreach Efforts

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, community outreach events were not possible in this time frame. Instead, an online survey was used to collect community feedback. To inform residents of the survey opportunity, a total of 3,065 postcards were mailed to residents and property owners within .5 miles of the State & Arthur site, as well as to all residents of the Veterans Park Neighborhood Association. Paper copies of the survey were also sent upon request to any residents who did not have access to the online survey.

Members of the Energize team canvassed the surrounding streets, reaching approximately 275 residences and businesses in the area immediately surrounding the site; flyers with project and survey information were offered and the team provided information about the project to interested residents.

A large banner was posted on the State & Arthur site, directing people to the Energize website to take the online survey, and both Facebook and NextDoor were used to inform people in the area about the project and survey opportunity. Information was shared with Taft Elementary as well.


From March 1–21, the survey was open for community feedback and 402 responses were received in that time. The responses received will be used to inform the Request for Proposals (RFP) that the city will release to identify a development partner for the State & Arthur site. The survey and outreach materials were available in both English and Spanish.

Community Meetings

Virtual meetings were held with the Principal at Taft Elementary, as well as the presidents of the surrounding neighborhood associations. These meetings provided background information about the project and informed these key leaders of the opportunities for community engagement that were available to all residents and stakeholders.

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The Site

In 2020, the city purchased the land on the northeast corner of State Street and Arthur Street, parcel R2125000161. The site is served by bus route 9, along State St.

geographical map of State and Arthur development site


Housing Units1,439
Owner Occupied42.8%
Renter Occupied50.3%
Average Cars Per Household1.6
Served by TransitRt 9 State Street

Households by IncomeNumberPercent

Next Steps

The feedback received from participants through the online survey will be used to inform the Request for Proposals (RFP) that the city will release to identify a development partner for the site. Once a developer is selected for the site, they will begin the development review process – holding community meetings and presenting plans to the Planning and Zoning Commission for approval before the project moves into the permitting and building processes.

  • March 1 – 21: Community survey open to solicit input on design elements and amenities
  • March 29: Engagement summary published
  • April 15 – May 17: Request for Proposals open
  • May 18 – June 16: Proposals reviewed
  • June 18: Selected developer(s) invited to submit Phase 2 Proposal

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