Housing Outreach Report Appendix

Appendix / Discussion Themes / Session Feedback

Identify/communicate with populations at risk of losing housing

  • Identify and mitigate barriers that prevent the people actually experiencing housing insecurity from having these conversations with the city
  • City should do outreach to people living in vehicles, identify where they are staying overnight
  • City should do outreach to 1-30% folks
  • Homelessness is increasing among 18-30 year olds
  • Senior citizens and people on a fixed income or social security are struggling to keep their homes and don’t know where to find support, they also experience ageism in the rental market
  • Families struggle to balance rising childcare and housing costs
  • People in the service industry often can’t afford what’s considered ‘affordable housing’

Provide resources for people experiencing homelessness, or living in vehicles and RVs

  • Immediate need for safe shelter for people experiencing homelessness
  • Non-congregate shelters are safer and more effective
  • Increase healthcare resources available in shelters
  • Tiny home communities specifically for people experiencing homelessness
  • The relationship between police and people experiencing homelessness is not good
  • Immediate need for parking space for people who lose their housing
  • Adjust parking codes to accommodate people who are living in their vehicles and RVs
  • Provide designated RV parking locations – could use city-owned land
  • Drive-in movie theaters have restroom facilities that could be used

Identify opportunities to build/provide more affordable housing

  • City could require affordable housing units in new developments via grants or zoning code
  • City-owned units would help ensure structurally-sound units for quality of life and health
  • Establish tiny home communities, possibly on city land
  • Renting part of one’s home provides more housing options
  • Possible locations for growth include land around Boise or increasing density around BSU
  • When developing growth keep safety, security, and food resources in mind
  • Use ARPA funds to find immediate solutions to housing
  • Including multiple affordable housing types: single family, multi-family, and single person

Provide incentives to develop affordable housing

  • City should provide incentives to developers to increase supply
  • Property tax relief
  • Grants
  • City should provide assistance to homeowners to offset rising home prices
  • City loan program with lower rates
  • Expedite permitting process for developers turning vacant hotels into housing
  • Work with Albertsons to build housing in new grocery stores
  • Make ADU construction affordable for homeowners, or increase the financial incentive Preserve existing affordable housing
  • Mobile homes are an important source of affordable housing – we should work to preserve them and increase desire and acceptance in neighborhoods
  • Retrofit old buildings or work with current property owners who could convert to affordable housing – are there any processes or incentives in place for this
  • Condemnation-worthy rentals could be converted into affordable housing
  • Ensure affordable apartments are not low-quality

Improve zoning restrictions

  • Allow Jr. ADUs in zoning code
  • Eliminate R1A or allow duplexes in R1A
  • Change zoning restriction to no more than 80% of property can be used for the home
  • In zoning code, if a small home is torn down, provide flexibility to add ADU in rebuild
  • Scrutiny over allowing developers to rezone when purchasing property
  • How do zoning requirements get enforced
  • In the zoning code, ensure all neighborhoods will have a diversity of income levels

Generate community buy-in on affordable housing and shelters

  • Prevent HOAs from not allowing ADUs
  • How can we share stories and bring humanity into the conversation; ensure homelessness is not blamed on the people who are experiencing it
  • How can we have conversations with those who do not want to allow affordable housing or high density in their neighborhoods
  • Work with neighborhoods that are welcoming to affordable housing

Provide resources/protections for renters

  • Rent control
  • Disconnect between landlords and renters
  • Provide education, partnerships and incentives for landlords to improve conditions for renters
  • Provide better resources for renters

Feedback on Tiny Home + ADU Pilot Program

  • Increase the duration of the pilot program and add participants
  • The pilot program will take too long
  • Require owner-occupancy on ADUs receiving incentives from the city
  • Include RVs in the pilot program
  • Keep them in backyards
  • Provide incentives to the renters staying in mobile tiny homes, not just homeowners
  • Tiny homes increase density and provide equity for owners

Prohibitive costs and barriers for ADUs + tiny homes

  • HOAs that ban ADUs and tiny homes
  • Impact fees for ADUs
  • Impact on property taxes – tiny homes have less of a property tax increase than ADUs
  • Allowing pets
  • Parking concerns
  • Provide resources for people with questions
  • Many RV parks ban mobile tiny homes – thus restricting the flexibility of people who put equity into their mobile tiny homes
  • ADU homeowners may end up switching to Airbnb for profit and simplicity – unstable source of affordable housing


  • Need action now
  • How do we manage growth?
  • Property taxes are increasing
  • Can we prioritize selling to primary occupancy homeowners?
  • Housing is a Treasure Valley-wide issue, use Ada County stats as context
  • Walkability and density in Boise could improve
  • Better oversight on large developers and holding companies
  • Immediate need to increase availability of affordable housing
  • Policy vs. incentives
  • Businesses are suffering as employees can’t find affordable housing
  • State law makes it difficult to force anyone to do anything
  • Ensure new affordable housing fits people’s needs
  • Plan a panel of mayors on housing issues
  • Housing equity replaces pensions/security
  • Workforce housing affordability calculations are off (CCDC)

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