Mission-Based Organizations + Affordable Homes

Nonprofits, faith communities, and other mission-based organizations

Affordable homes are a cornerstone of thriving communities, providing stability and dignity to individuals and families. Nonprofits, faith communities, and other mission-based organizations already play a crucial role in meeting the basic needs of their neighbors, often by providing food, short-term rental assistance, and other services. By using underutilized land owned by mission-based organizations, you can be part of the solution to the affordable housing crisis.

How We Can Help

The City of Boise offers comprehensive project management services for projects that meet specific criteria, including affordable housing. Our team is here to assist you through the city's development process and explore the options and incentives available for your project. We understand the complexities of affordable housing development and can guide you through the early stages.

  • Early Assistance Meetings: We can schedule early assistance meetings with essential city staff to help you understand the property and explore development options. These meetings will provide you with the basic information you’ll need to engage with development professionals assess project feasibility.
  • Central Point of Contact: We will be your primary contact, ensuring continuity of service. We’ll connect you with the right resources, answer your questions, and facilitate communication throughout the development journey.
  • Technical Assistance: We can help you understand zoning requirements, land use regulations, and other critical aspects. Additionally, we can assist your development partner in navigating the city’s permitting process.
Celebration Acres

Inspiring Examples

The mission-based partnerships below showcase what’s achievable when we work together. Each project is unique, and we encourage you to explore the possibilities, engage with us, and take the first steps toward creating affordable homes for Boiseans.

Local, affordable housing projects include Celebration Acres, and Taft Homes.

Celebration Acres, El-Ada Community Action Partnership

Taft Homes, Collister United Methodist Church

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For early assistance or to learn more, contact Joe Bruce at jbruce@cityofboise.org or call (208) 608-7093. Let's build a future together!

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